W32.Alcra.F worm alerts!!!! crikey

  PC_HelpMe 18:32 09 Aug 2006

YIKES - please help.

(Am a novice at all this computer stuff so bear with me please).

I keep getting constant worm alerts popping up on my computer every few seconds - stopping me from being able to do my work.

What may be causing some confusion is the fact that i have a 90 day trial of Bullguard running on my computer PLUS Norton AV 2006 that I bought myself (yes, I know I don't need 2, but didn't think it would do any harm).

Norton keeps coming up with the same virus "W32.Alcra.F" but that the file numbers it shows are different each time. It also says it has detected and removed each one. Bullguard keeps also saying it has deteced and removed "W32" from computer and is therefore safe also. My problem is that these alerts seem constant.

Can anyone out there explain - in simple terms - why I am getting these constant alerts - is there something wrong in my computer system - or is it some people out there just being mean and trying to ruin my computer?!

I have just diabled the AV part of Bullguard, so just the firewall runs from that - and Norton runs the AV, just in case the 2 were 'annoying' each other. Please help anybody. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:53 09 Aug 2006

I would suggest you disable Bullguard and just run the Norton AV. After doing that, update your virus definitions. Then turn off System Restore and run a full virus scan. That should get rid of the virus and you can then re-enable System restore. Stick with just one AV program as running two or more will cause conflicts.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:53 09 Aug 2006

Sorry, I see you have disabled the Bullguard AV.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:55 09 Aug 2006

Information from Symantec click here

  andrew-196854 19:00 09 Aug 2006

first of all i would unistall bullguard av ,as running 2 antivirus programs is not advised as they confilct, also are you upto date with windows update? have you got any spyware or adware progams running on you pc ? as to why are you getting these messages i would say the problem is still there?if you have no adware programs try these to start with, download and update both click here click here

  PC_HelpMe 19:34 09 Aug 2006

Mr Mistoffelees
I turned off System Restore and ran a full virus scan yesterday - it said there were no viruses. I even ran a full system scan again via the Symantec website which also came back saying no viruses or anything detected. I then turned System Restore back on (as suggested by Symantect). I gather I won't get any conflicts by running Norton Antivirus with Bullguard's firewall? (I don't currently have Norton Firewall you see).

  PC_HelpMe 19:37 09 Aug 2006

Will I still get conflicts if I just have Norton Antivirus running with Bullguard's firewall (as I've told Mr Mistoffelees - I don't actually have Norton firewall yet)? I don't have any spyware or adware programs running - should I have, or are you saying if I did have, these would be the problem (or would they solve the problem??).

  PC_HelpMe 19:40 09 Aug 2006

To both Mr Mistoffelees and dibblydufuss:
Since I disabled the Bullguard antivirus, the system seems pretty much back to normal (for now). Before, I was getting the alerts up even when i wasn't connected to the internet!!!! I've been on here for some time now and nothing really has come up.

(When I go into Norton's "Quarantine and Repair" log, there were about 1700!!!! 'files' of this W32 file. I deleted some yesterday and there are now just 1400 or so. Nothing has been quaranteed since yesterday and late on the 7th August (when the problem started) - could it be ok now??

Thanks to you both for your help so far.

  PC_HelpMe 19:46 09 Aug 2006

My apologies - having re-read your thread (hey, that rhymed), I have now downloaded both the adware and spyware software to see if that helps. Cheers.

  andrew-196854 19:59 09 Aug 2006

my question to you is that did your bullguard av have a firewall with it? and i take it that norton that you bought is just the antivirus program? if you are running norton and unistalled bullguard like i said then you still need a firewall ? if you are sure that norton does not have a firewall then i do know of a free one you could use along with you norton. the question do i have to have adaware and spyware programs is yes you do ps if no firewall will post a link if others dont beat me to it

  PC_HelpMe 22:14 09 Aug 2006

Yes, Bullguard does have firewall with it - this aspect of it is still enabled - I just disabled the antivirus part of it. I will however need a firewall soon enough when the trial version of Bullguard expires - a link to a free one would be great, thanks.

PS. I don't seem to have had any further 'alerts' like the ones that made me post this thread yet. I really hope it has been sorted now - either from the adware/spyware software i've now installed and used, the system scans i tried earlier while System Restore was disabled, or the fact that I have now disabled the Bullguard antivirus and kept the norton antivirus running. Fingers crossed. Will give it a few days and post a reply back on here with a (hopefully positive) result.

Thanks folks.

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