W32 Virus Ramnit - where from?

  john bunyan 08:22 21 May 2013

My grand daughter's W7 laptop has acquired a Ramnit virus. I propose to use an ATI clone from a couple of months ago to go back to a pre infected state, as it seems to be one of those that infects everything. She has MSE as anti virus. I wonder where it came from ? She does (18 year old) use Facebook, and recently downloaded a lifestyle programme to do with slimming. The virus destroyed passwords and stopped updates and prevented the windows security centre from opening, as well, I suspect, of creating a hidden "guest" user account. Any suggestions on further preventative measures? I was only able to log on at all by a friend who helped me hack in, as the user name and password were declared wrong..

  Chronos the 2nd 08:38 21 May 2013

A few details here. F-Secure. And here Eset. And Removal.

  john bunyan 08:41 21 May 2013

Chronos the 2nd

Thanks; as the clone is fairly recent and the disc is partitioned into system and data, I can keep the data, check it, clone and replace the data, but I will look closely at your links. Still would love to know how it got in.

  Woolwell 09:44 21 May 2013

Has it come via email?

Where did she download the lifestyle program from?

I am going off MSE. Your tale has prompted me to do something about my son's system.

  onthelimit1 10:06 21 May 2013

I've had laptops / PCs with all the main players in the antivirus world infected in some way or another. Nothing (however much is paid) seems to protect from everything.

  john bunyan 10:34 21 May 2013

Thanks all. Will come back later.

  john bunyan 14:51 21 May 2013


Thanks, I will follow it up. I use for my PC Avira, SAS and MBAM and do frequent scans. My grand daughter has MSE as I thought it would auto update - she also theoretically has MBAM and SAS but when I eventually ran the latter it found 3 Windows Security Centre blockers and 55 tracking cookies. I find none on my machines when I scan!. I suspect she uses social network sites too carelessly. Very happy to fork out for the Emisoft - do you think it would have blocked it?

  Woolwell 15:15 21 May 2013

john bunyan - Have a look at the anti-virus reviews and tests and then compare prices. Does she do any on-line banking as she may get free security with that?

I use Kaspersky and my wife Norton. Neither of us have had a problem and my wife uses Facebook a lot. Both programs alerts to bad downloads and bad sites.

  john bunyan 15:31 21 May 2013


She has a 7" Samsung Galaxy 2 tablet, with I think, Kapersky Android anti virus, uses it to do essays then transfers into Word on the laptop using Dropbox or USB - I wonder if the tablet was involved? I am trying to find the name of a site from which she downloaded a programme to do with dieting etc - will report back when I find it, but it looked suspicious to me. Although she is reasonably academic - 7 A*, 3 A,1 B GCSE's and just finished International Baccalaureate exams (6 subjects) , she is impetuous and, I suspect, reckless in some sites visited like many teenagers and thinks she knows it all!!

  john bunyan 18:01 21 May 2013

See my new thread re firewall problems!

  onthelimit1 18:09 21 May 2013

JB - where is that?

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