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  stylehurst 14:08 14 May 2004

I run W2k SP4 and have recently had the following problem occur:
On startup Chkdsk always runs saying there is a problem on the C drive.
A check of the Event Log shows the following:
System Log
"Error detected on hard drive during paging operation"
Application Log: Winlogon
"Cleaning minor inconsistencies
Cleaning 4 unused index entries from index $S11 of file 0x9
Cleaning 4 unused entries from index $SDH of file 0x9
Cleaning 4 unused security descriptors"

A full chkdsk states no bad sectors

Has anybody else experienced this problem & is there a cure other than stopping chkdsk from running at startup.
A complete re-format & re-install does not solve the problem.

By-passing chkdsk does not seem to cause problems.
A search of the MS site in respect of this problem in W2k does not come up with any answers.

Any suggestions and/or explanation would be welcome.

  recap 14:11 14 May 2004

I haven't seen this error my self stylehurst but it may be logged if you click here
You will need the Event ID number and the source of the error.

  stylehurst 14:04 15 May 2004

Hi recap
Thanks for the site info, but doesn't help I'm afraid, faault doesn't generate an ID number.

  MichelleC 16:55 15 May 2004

Can you install w2k on another partition and see if same occurs, or changing paging? How many hd/partitions? (If you've formatted and reinstalled, updates take 2 -3 on b/b.)

  stylehurst 17:18 15 May 2004

Have 3 partitions; tried installation on another partition, same result.
Don't understand last part of message "updates take 2-3 on b/b".
Can you elaborate.

  MichelleC 22:13 15 May 2004

The w2k updates, when installing os from my install disc, takes 2 -3 hours to d/load and install. Are all partitions same hd? If so try running hd diagnostic from site maker.

  stylehurst 13:17 16 May 2004

Don't know why your updating should take so long, mine is a lot quicker.
What HD diagnostic are you using & from what site?

  stuntmaster 14:12 16 May 2004

your HDD Make stylehurst, has a diagnostic tool from their site, e.g maxtor has a DOS version of maxblast, so find your make and goto their site.

hope this helps


  stylehurst 17:20 16 May 2004

Thanks stuntmaster

  stylehurst 17:18 18 May 2004

Problem finally solved obscure item on MS site indicates there is a bug in W2k SP4

  stylehurst 17:19 18 May 2004

Problem finally solved obscure item on MS site indicates there is a bug in W2k SP4

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