W2K and DVD problems

  Donny Brasco 20:35 22 Jun 2003

Ever since we went onto W2K we've had problems playing DVD's the sound and the picture is jittery.

We use:

W2K formatted for NTFS
Mat*[email protected]:a DVD SR8584A Player
NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 420 graphics card
XWave 5100 sound card
Inter Video WinDVD application software

We've used other software but with the same problem.
Oh and jittery as in the picture stops and starts every 2 seconds or so and the sound does the same.

  Donny Brasco 22:33 22 Jun 2003

It seems busy tonight so i thought i'd keep my question in the top ten at least....

  Donny Brasco 23:40 22 Jun 2003

My kids can't watch Monsters Inc.

  MichelleC 08:39 23 Jun 2003

It may be the dvd player, graphics and sound card drivers need updating. Look in device manager for any yellow !'s.

  -pops- 08:51 23 Jun 2003

DVD playback is very resource hungry and if you have a lot of applications open whilst you are trying to play your disk that may not be enough capacity for them all to work to the full. With most applications that take place "inside" you machine, Windows, of whatever flavour, quietly shares these resources and you don't notice any slight delays. With DVD playback you can see what is going on and, although Windows is trying its best, you see the slight delays and dropouts unnoticable in other programs.

Try closing as many running programs as you can before playing DVDs and see what happens.


  Donny Brasco 23:57 30 Jun 2003

we've updated our windvd to version 4, installed service pack 4 on the w2k os, downloaded adaptec udf drivers, closed all non essential programs, ensured my settings are all using DMA. short of opening the case and switching the configuration i don't know what to do??????

  Philip2 01:30 01 Jul 2003

Try changing to Power Dvd i put Win DVD on my older computer updated from ME did not work like you a stop and go picture yet Win DVD works fine on my one year computer.

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