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  Tikka 08:33 06 May 2007

I am helping an elderly friend new to computing. She has managed to get several photographs from her 'my photos' folder into the list of backgrounds in Display Properties>Desktop.She has not done this intentionally and only one out of four or five has ever been displayed as a background. I can't work out what she has been doing. If she had accidentally clicked on 'Set as background' while viewing a picture the background would have been displayed immediately but only in one case out of four or five has this happened. Any ideas what she might be doing to cause this.

  VoG II 09:06 06 May 2007
  Tikka 09:17 06 May 2007

Thanks. Will try to remove the links. What worries me is how the photos got into the background list in the first place. I have since noticed that I have a long list of photos in my own background list although I am certain that I have never deliberately put them there.

  cocteau48 09:32 06 May 2007

Perhaps the photos have been mistakenly saved as .BMP
(Bitmap Image)file. I cannot speak for all machines but in my own case anything saved as a .BMP file automatically goes into my WINDOWS folder and will appear in the dropdown list of wallpapers in Display Properties. Your photos may have been downloaded as a .BMP file or mistakenly saved as such in your photo editing programme.

  Gongoozler 09:42 06 May 2007

Windows default action is to save everything in "My Documents". From the "My Documents/My Pictures folder Windows will make the pictures available for use as wallpaper. I use folders created in a location of my choice (a slave hard drive) for all my documents. That way I think they are much easier to back up, and Windows can't use them as wallpaper options unless I choose for them to be.

  Tikka 09:50 06 May 2007

Interesting point. None of the rogue photos in my own background list have been saved in My Documents. I have a separate folder on the C drive for photos.

  Gongoozler 10:24 06 May 2007

Search your C drive for *.bmp, you may find some unexpected entries. For example Irfanview stores any pictures you use it to select as wallpaper in C:\Documents and settings\Account_name\Application Data\Irfanview

  Tikka 10:45 06 May 2007

I have searched the whole C drive including hidden folders for *.bmp and none of my rogue pictures are listed.

  Gongoozler 09:49 07 May 2007

jpg files will also be made available for use as backgrounds if they are in the right folder, so you could search for *.jpg. I didn't suggest that in the first place because you are likely to find so many.

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