w 98se invalid system disk

  User-EEEE1D5E-719D-4EA6-9E34518ECB10F723 21:58 07 Mar 2008

on start up
shows invalid system disk/replace the disk.then press any key.

no disk/ in pc / ? any help please advise

pc stops at this mess/g

  MAJ 22:07 07 Mar 2008

Is there a disk in the floppy drive?

no disc cd rom or floppy drive on pc

please advise

  MAJ 22:24 07 Mar 2008

Download a win98se bootdisk from click here download the "Windows 98 SE OEM" version. Put a floppy disk in the floppy drive and double-click that file you just downloaded. It will extract to the floppy disk. Then, with the floppy still in the drive, restart your PC. It will load the tools from the floppy and ask you how you want to start. Choose to start without CDROM support. Then when you see the A:\> prompt, type

sys C:

and press Return. If you get a 'files transferred successfully' message (or similar), remove the floppy disk and restart your computer. See if that helps.

If you already have a win98se bootdisk, you don't need to download one.

  skidzy 22:57 07 Mar 2008

Hiya Maj

Not sure if im reading this correctly,but i think high is referring to having no Floppy or cd drive !

  Totally-braindead 23:04 07 Mar 2008

skidzy I thought he meant there was no disks in either drive. Perhaps he could clarify.

  MAJ 23:04 07 Mar 2008

Hi skidzy, I did see that, but I wasn't sure if high meant that there was no disk in the PC (first post) or no drive in the PC (high's second post) so I just posted a possible solution anyway, hoping he/she would come back and clarify.

  skidzy 23:08 07 Mar 2008

Hi gang,i know its late and i maybe reading this wrongly...lets see if high can confirm ?

Im a little brain dead at the mo,just seen Rambo 4...now that says it all :-))

  MAJ 23:13 07 Mar 2008

That's the new one isn't it? Any good, skidzy?

A little braindead myself......... need a Lucozade....

  skidzy 23:20 07 Mar 2008

Honestly ..its pants,not a patch on the others...but i guess it was expected !!

Bedtime for me now but will pop in tomorrow sometime and see what high has to say.

  MAJ 23:21 07 Mar 2008

nitey-nite skidzy.

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