vundo arrrgh!

  Andanotherthing 19:26 30 Jun 2008

Hi - I got the above on my Windows Vista Home Prermium system - have read previous articles here and tried SuperAnti Spyware - which finds the three infections and asks for a reboot when it has dealt with them - except an immediate second scan finds them still there. Spybot is also picking up its alter ego Virtmonde. The vundo had a .BY tag -then two different ones.

Is there a tried and tested way of getting rid of this as it seems to have let in a trojan called Zlob (Slob?)now


Many thanks

  MAT ALAN 19:29 30 Jun 2008

click here

this will help...

  ICF 19:32 30 Jun 2008

Try scanning in safe mode

  Mac70 20:14 30 Jun 2008

Follow Mat Alans advice, but if Vundofix doesnt work youll find a forum at where you can recieve professional advice.

  MAT ALAN 20:18 30 Jun 2008

I can vouch for the prog, got me out the POO!!!

  mfletch 21:20 30 Jun 2008

If vundofix does not work use Virtumondobegone

click here

  Severn Bore 22:18 30 Jun 2008

My PC has been plagued by this virus/trojan for the past few days and I have tried all sorts to try and fix it. Same experience as Andanotherthing so far. Virtumondobegone has not worked; I have tried using various methods in Safe as well as Normal mode, plus disconnecting from the net.
I ran Superantispyware this afternoon and it picked up a number of Vundo files and others, which I then elected to be put into quarantine. However, I was stll getting unwanted websites, especially one called "Horny Babes"!
Then Avast (my resident virus scanner which has been excellent in the past, started issuing one warning after another. As quickly as I deleted an entry another would pop up. Eventually, Avast warned that the vruses were "embedded in memory" and recommended at boot scan. I opted for this and the PC was automatically closed dow. Avast commenced a scan during the boot phase and this is still continuing. So far it has identified about 8 Trojan files and gave me options for handling them. I chose to fdelete all - which it apparently did - and it is now continuing to scan the rest of my system.
Meantime I am keeping my fingers crossed and using my laptop.
Will let you know the final outcome tomorrow.

  Mac70 22:31 30 Jun 2008

Severn Bore, if Vundofix cant remove Vundo, which is common these days, it's time to move up to more powerful tools, which you need to be instructed with.
There are plenty forums with trained experts to choose from. I personally work on these ones.
click here
click here
click here

But for a quicker response I moderate here
click here

and the malware room is quiet right now.

  woodchip 22:43 30 Jun 2008

If you try to run Restore it will reinstall the Virus, as it will have bee save along with Data. you should turn Restore off while you clear the Virus, then turn it back on after

  Mac70 22:47 30 Jun 2008

Sorry Woodchip, but you never turn off Restore until after cleaning. It's better to have an infected Restore point to fall back on, than none at all.

  woodchip 22:51 30 Jun 2008

Not to me, Mind I use Acronis so I don't have that problem

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