VRO file? Help needed please

  emmaking 23:33 02 Jan 2006

I have had my Hitachi DVD Digital Camcorder for about a year now and wanted to try to edit the recordings on my computer.
I downloaded the relevent files from the disk provided with the camcorder and they're working fine.
I uploaded the video I'd taken over the past year onto the computer and when I click on the VRO file, it opens it in Windows Media Player??? I am confused at this because I thought it would open with the software the camcorder came with???
I'm sorry if I don't make much sense, but I haven't got a clue what a VRO file is or how I can get the file to open in the software provided (which is MyDVD, if that's any help)

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


  DieSse 23:47 02 Jan 2006

Can you start MyDVD then import or capture the file? Does the helpfile with MyDVD not tell you about how to do this?

Otherwise you'll need VRO software. Womble seems to have a good reputation in this field click here

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