VPU Recover resets the graphics accelerator !!

  Kalb 18:08 14 Mar 2007

This is a quite recent fault which occurs on or offline resulting in a momentary screen blackout before the screen returns as normal but with the notice that ' VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands' Please tell ATI technologies about this problem.
I have WinXP fully updated and the graphics card is Abit ATI Radeon R9200SE
Is the Graphics Card on the way out or what ?

  SANTOS7 19:59 14 Mar 2007

click here

This may help,good luck..

  Kalb 08:41 15 Mar 2007

Thanks Santos for the link...looks promising
Will report back after further investigation

  Kalb 18:32 15 Mar 2007

Have now had a chance to read through the link which offers something like 30 tips to try. There doesn't appear to be a way to isolate the cause of the fault...apart from trial and error until one stubbles across the cause.This could take many hours
My PC has functioned perfectly OK for 3 years and so one can discount many compatibility issues suggested such as Mobos with Via chipsets not working well with ATI cards,updated graphics card drivers or upgraded Bios settings etc.
The problem first appeared when I downloaded World Wind 1.3 the NASA world programme which I thought meant that my graphics card couldn't handle the programmes requirements although it seemed to work OK. Since then the problem has manifest itself when operating MS Word and when Online so I suspect the Graphics card itself
If all else fails and to save time, and frustration,I intend to replace the Graphics Card probably with a nVidia chipset card.

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