VPN + Domain + Wireless ?

  mikek10 13:03 17 Aug 2007


I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 running Windows Vista Business.

During the day in the office it is connected to our company domain using cable connection and connects to the internet via our company router. This works fine - no problems.

When I go home I use the same login - i.e. using company domain - and connect using wireless to my home router to the internet, this also works fine.

I also use this wireless connection to connect to the office domain using a VPN tunnel in order to use the Exchange server and access data files.

The problem is that when I am connected to the VPN my laptop tries to use the office router via VPN to access the internet rather than using the direct connection via my home router, which is then blocked as the router doesn't recognise my IP address.

I can modify the office router settings to accept my IP address but since my provider uses dynamic IP addresses I would need to do it each time - which is doable but is a pain and - well - its just not right.

If I disconnect from VPN the internet reverts to my home connection and works fine again which means I have to constantly log in and out of the office.

What do I need to change to make Vista use my wireless connection as default for internet?



  mgmcc 08:15 18 Aug 2007

Does using a fixed IP address in the same range as your wireless router prevent the connection from changing to the office router, or would that simply lose access totally?

Alternatively, would running two connections simultaneously between your PC and home router alleviate the problem? If one has its IP address reconfigured, the second might retain the local connection.

  mikek10 10:40 18 Aug 2007

I've been told on another board that when a VPN is in use all other connections are closed for security reasons.

Not sure if there is any way around it - you'd expect there is - Windows is never normally so secure!! ;-)

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