VPN causes internet connection to drop

  paul28 17:44 27 Apr 2007

I posted this in the Vista forum...........got no response!

I am using a VPN connection to log onto our corporate exchange server. Every time I log on and fire up outlook my internet connection drops out. I'm no expert but our networking guy seems to think that there is a setting that is assuming the local internet connection also needs to be routed through our remote server, and the firewall causes it to fail.

Is there such a setting and can it be turned off?

  STREETWORK 19:22 27 Apr 2007

You need to check your outlook settings for your email account.

Tools, Accounts

  paul28 09:41 28 Apr 2007

No I don't think thats what it relates to!

Heres a bit more background.

I have two computers connected to my gateway ethernet sockets. One computer is configured to access the VPN, and the connection works fine. However as soon as I connect with that machine to the VPN my internet connection fails. It does not affect the internet connection to the second machine.

  Rigga 09:55 28 Apr 2007

Try this,

In the properties of the VPN, go to the Networking Tab, then TCP/IP properties, then advanced, then uncheck, "use default gateway on remote computer"

Save all that, then reconnect your VPN and see if your internet connection still works.


  paul28 11:37 28 Apr 2007


That is what our network admistrator recommended, and although it should it doesn't work. Even with that unchecked the VPN remains up, but the internet fails.

  Rigga 15:03 28 Apr 2007

Is the internet connection actually dropping, i.e. losing sync or are you just unable to access it from the computer who has connected the VPN?


  paul28 17:16 28 Apr 2007


Thanks for the help.....

The connection is not 'dropping' as my connection on my second network computer stays up. So I am unable to access it from the computer connected with the VPN. So, losing sync.......it would seem so.

  Rigga 10:06 29 Apr 2007

Sorry for the delay I'm not around much at the weekends.

Without being at the computer, it gets quite difficult to assess and fix network problems like this.


Without the VPN connected, Start then Run then type Cmd to get a DOS box, then type ipconfig /all

This should give you a load of text, copy it and post here, then do the same with the VPN connected.


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