VPN - can you verify this?

  Tj_El 21:38 12 Mar 2004


I recently bought a 4-port ADSL modem/router from Ebuyer as I wanted to share my BB with my other PC and work laptop.

Because of my wanting to use it for work purposes, I gave it to our Network Infrastructure Manager to set-up for me. He set-up a VPN and told me to 'just plug it in' when I got home - 'no need to install anything'. True to his word, I connected everything and plugged it in and bingo! 'Home Lan' icon in task bar lit up! Instant connection :-)

To check security, I headed over to click here and the report on Common Ports told me it had failed! AAARRGGHHH!! So I asked him what to do and he said that because it's a VPN, I shouldn't worry...

Well I don't know much at all about networking (as you can tell by reading my previous thread: Networking Win98...) lol! so I'm just wanting to double check his statement.

Any networking guru's out there tonight?



  Tj_El 18:06 24 Mar 2004

Correction: ignore the previous entry "he said that because it's a VPN, I shouldn't worry"

The actual statement was "you have NAT so that should be all the firewall you need".

Is this true?

  Q-Bie 18:17 24 Mar 2004

NAT will protect you from inbound attacks.

NAT will only let traffic into your network that originated from your network in the first place, so if you request a webpage for example, the router knows that the original request came from your PC on the network so it sends it back to it. If someone tries to hack into your network the router knows that you didn't request anything, so it just drops the packets. Although a port scanner may list the port as open, thats on the router itself, and the traffic will go no further.

The only way unsolicited traffic will get into your network is if you have a server running and have setup some kind of port forwarding when you say.. all traffic on this port send to this pc.


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