Voyager or Netgear for BT ADSL?

  Chris 1066 21:04 09 Jun 2006

I have just signed up for BT's ADSL and I'm looking to put in a wireless router connection to a Dell PC. I want to purchase the WiFi equipment from BT so that there's only one supplier to deal with if any problems arise.

BT offer only two makes of wireless ADSL routers. The choice seems to be between a Voyager 2110 router with a Voyager 1055 USB adapter (bundled together at only £70), or a Netgear WG834G router with a Netgear WG311 PCI adapter.

I've heard that there can be problems with BT's own-branded equipment, and they publish few specs on the 2110.

Can anyone offer an opinion on either of these makes, or advise of points to look out for?

Does it matter much if the PC-end adapter is a different make from the router?

  ade.h 21:33 09 Jun 2006

Neither. But if you really want a BT-supplied router, *please* choose the Netgear over the Voyager!

  ade.h 21:36 09 Jun 2006

And I have just seen your "only £70" comment. What?! click here Proven bit of kit (be me and all those happy reviewers). I was pretty impressed with this when I set it up for my neighbour last week; it has replaced my previous favourite because of the bargain price.

  Chris 1066 15:49 10 Jun 2006

Hi. Thanks for your comment.
Your alternative does look a bargain by comparison.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:35 10 Jun 2006

I have a BT Voyager 2110, it just gets on with what it is supposed, unobtrusively and efficiently. I would recommend it to anyone.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:35 10 Jun 2006

what it is supposed to do

  ade.h 18:58 10 Jun 2006

But it cannot possibly be worth £25 over the 3Com bundle, can it? I have always had respect for 3Com's experience in networks and it has only gone up in my estimation since using its equipment. Definitely every bit as good as my other favourites.

  mgmcc 20:20 10 Jun 2006

I believe it is fair to say that, in general, there are far more problems in the various forums with ISP "branded" products, such as BT's Voyagers and Wanadoo's Liveboxes, than there are with products from the mainstream networking hardware suppliers. They also have a nasty practice of "crippling" some hardware so that it cannot subsequently be used with an alternative ISP.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:00 10 Jun 2006

In my experience the BT Voyager 2110 works very well, and it is not tied to BT.

  Chris 1066 16:06 11 Jun 2006

Hi. Thanks for your comments.
Good to hear that the 2110 is working well & not tied to BT.
From what I've read, Netgear seems to be a popular make and also reliable, so maybe it doesn't matter which one I get.

I'm setting this up for someone else to use and I'll be overseas & unable to support it - hence the desire to have one supplier responsible for everything.

  mgmcc 16:44 11 Jun 2006

I don't have ADSL, I have Cable broadband from Telewest, so my comment about there being more problems raised in forums from BT Voyager and Wanadoo Livebox routers really is quite impartial. This is my observation and of course there will be many satisfied users. The Voyager 2110 isn't locked to BT, but the Voyager 2091 is.

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