Voyager 2500v Port-Forwarding

  splatter 19:07 23 Apr 2006

Right, this is the setup I have, but it just isn't working:

dynDNS-->myIP(router)-->Port 80 set to forward to 192.168.1.xx (Where Apache is running)

However, if I goto my dynDNS URL it just takes me straight to my router setup page! This is the same setup (that I can remember) having setup with my old Origo router, but it doesn't seem to be forwarding.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Jay

  rober32 19:46 25 Apr 2006

add :80 to the WAN address

  splatter 10:24 26 Apr 2006

nope, that still doesn't work.

On my old router, just going to the IP address or domain would take me straight to Apache running on my PC, now though it just goies straight to the router no matter what.

I also feel though that this is a major security issue, as anybody who guesses the domain (known only to me) or my IP address, they can get access to the main page of the router. It doesn't ask for a usernmae/password untill you go to the advanced menu to change some settings.

But before anybody asks: yes, remote access is sturned off.

  rober32 17:31 26 Apr 2006

Try setting up a DMZ on the 2500 to test.
Also disable firewalls on both PCs to test.

  splatter 22:48 27 Apr 2006

Tried that, but still no luck. Even restarted the router afterwards to ensure that the settings where enforced.

  rober32 09:31 28 Apr 2006

After setting up the DMZ did you try accessing the PC using WAN address then :8080
ALso make sure you are not testing this from within your LAN as it wont work.

  splatter 11:09 28 Apr 2006

"Also make sure you are not testing this from within your LAN as it wont work."

Now there may be the problem. I am testing locally, but I never had a problem with this on my old router. I think I'm going to need to run round a friends house later and try it out.

I'll also try adding :8080 and/or :80 (Both used http ports I know), but Apache is set to listen on port 80 for now.

  splatter 18:26 28 Apr 2006

OK, smart-alec, you were right.

Thanks, now I can access my files when I'm awat from my main computer.

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