Voyager 2100 Connection Problems

  TicTacToc 22:20 17 Jul 2006

I have a Bt Voyager 2100 that is giving me problems. (I think)

Basically, the following happens about 5-6 times a day:

“Windows and my wireless connection still say they are connected but the diagnostic test shows:

click here

I loose all browsing capabilities for about 20s until things return to normal.”

The following may be of use:

click here

I am over 2 weeks past my speed update from BT, although that Downstream line rate fluctuates loads (from about 4.5mbs to 6).

I found out that this is happening on both my Laptop (Intel Proset Wireless BG2200) and my desktop (Belkin F5D7000w pci wireless adapter).

I have tried and done the following -

Resetting the Router
Turning the router off for 20 minutes and then turning back off again
Upgrading Firmware
Trying DCHP and manual Ips. .

All advice welcome . ..

  Mad Mick 22:31 17 Jul 2006

I have the same modem/router as yourself. It hasn't the best broadcasting range. I had to keep my laptop connected by ethernet cable for about five weeks before it settled down. Do not turn the 2100 off. Keep it on 24/7 except for periods of extreme weather and long holidays.

  TicTacToc 22:35 17 Jul 2006

hmmm do you think thats why my wireless is dodgy and a bit inconsistent?

That doesn't sound very clever. . .

The router had been on for about a week so I thought I better turn it off in case that would help.. .

  Mad Mick 23:30 17 Jul 2006

Keeping my 2100 turned on 24/7 settled it dowwn to a steady connection.

  TicTacToc 22:30 19 Jul 2006


I had an expensive Linksys WRT54G and D-Link DSL300T which I had for 6 months, and seemed to get worse as time went on. .I had many threads to try and sort things out but i never did.

Now I have a BT Voyager 2100 thinking it would be simpler and just do what I want it to do, but now I'm getting this incosistency. . which is ruining what I do (e.g. online games).

I have no real way of getting wired connection to my desktop either. . .

I have called about line faults before, and they seemed to say they fixed it but I'll have to call again.

I'll keep going a little longer, but if only being turned off about 3 times in 2 weeks is gonna ruin things I don't know where I stand.

I long for the day where my internet can just _work_.

  TicTacToc 22:50 21 Jul 2006

Has anyone else had a Voyager 2100 with such problems?

What settings do people use? What MTU? DO those who had it have problems that they solved?

Theres got to be something. ..

My signal never drops when it 'disconnects'. Theres got to be something :'(

Any info from anyone?

  TicTacToc 23:11 22 Jul 2006

Oh, turns out that the problem also occured using my ethernet cable in wired. . .

Can anyone confirm that this must be a line fault or something?

  gazza38 09:16 23 Jul 2006

You have too much noise on your line.When the downstream noise margin drops below 6dbs I too lost my connection.This is indeed a line fault.
Although I haven't completely resolved this issue yet,I have reported the problem no less than four times to my ISP (BT).They have changed some settings from their end and reduced my connection speed slightly.The SN ratio has improved and the line drops less often.
I hope this at least points you in the right direction.
They may also suggest that you change your internal wiring and filter,but I found this made no difference.

  TicTacToc 12:17 23 Jul 2006

ah, thanks loads for the info gazza38.

Interestingly I had noticed my connection dropped in the evening more often than the morning and at the moment my noise margin is much higher than in my original post as it is 10.4db (and my connections stable so far).

I'll keep a track of what that figure does!


  TicTacToc 20:13 23 Jul 2006

Sorry for these double posts, but I keep haveing more info!

As the days gone on, the noise margin has been high around 10-12db, however I've just returned to my comptuer to find it done at 5db, and consistent disconnections.

I've also noticed that my Downstream line rate is much higher than earlier (6mbps to 5mpbs), might this be the reason why my noise margin is lower?

incidentally, when I had my speed upgrade 2-3 weeks ago, they said 3mbps (and tests I did showed the maximum as 3mbps). Download speeds can be up to 400kbps at times, and my line rate is always 4.5mbps to 6mbps. Have they given me too much by mistake? Might that be a reason?

Thanks for any help.

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