Voyager 205 interfering with phone lines

  perpetuallyconfused 23:31 12 Sep 2005

Hi...I just received my 205 from BT and connected it along with a Linksys wireless router, all through ethernet. It was connected to the master input phone plug (because BT disconnected my house when they pulled out Home hwy). After they fixed that, connecting the modem causes all the phones in the house to ring. Yes, I have microfilters, no I don't exceed Ren of 4. I have swapped cables, microfilters, disconnected all phones and other devices. BTW, if the house phone network is connected, broadband drops out.
Any one out there with this problem?

  johnnyrocker 00:09 13 Sep 2005

not connected to master?


  phil46 01:00 13 Sep 2005

Sound like you may i say may have an earth problem
with your phone system.

  The Spires 01:40 13 Sep 2005

You can remove the faceplate (legal) of your main box & plug your router in to it along with a phone, if it works ok it's your house extensions if it's the same it's BT's problem. You can also ring 150 & have the automated line tester try the line out & even if it shows no fault you can get a human to do a line test off there. It would be an idea to try an ADSL modem or other router too.

  wee eddie 07:25 13 Sep 2005

Courtesy of Graham ®

Common causes of Broadband disconnections:
USB modem may not be getting sufficient power. The modem requires 500mA to function correctly. That is the maximum available on a USB hub. As a hub normally has two ports, the second port must not be used concurrently. The modem must be connected directly to the computer, not via an external hub.
The computer may be configured to turn off the modem to save power. In Device Manager, find the modem. It may be under Network adapters. Select Action, Properties, Power Management. Do a similar check on any Routers you are using.
Phone extension cabling may be prone to induced interference from mains wiring. If necessary, run a temporary extension lead to rule this out.
Radio interference from cordless, including DECT, telephones. Turn them all off and disconnect, to check this one.
Radio interference from taxis, CBs, neon lights, streetlights, etc. If one of these is suspected, BT can fit a suppressor to the incoming line.
There may be a clue in Event Viewer. Start > right click My Computer > Manage > Event Viewer > System > Select an Event > Action > Properties. You can send the data to Microsoft for more detailed information.

  Graham ® 09:39 13 Sep 2005

You have a reversal in the wiring of one or more sockets. 'B' wire should go to terminal 2, 'A' wire to terminal 5.
click here

  perpetuallyconfused 23:44 13 Sep 2005

Thanks Graham...the wiring diagram for BT worked. It turns out the BT installer reversed the polarity..swapping those fixed the ringing problem. Too bad the 3 hours I spent on the phone with BT wasn't as efficient!
Connecting the modem, via microfilter directly to the master (and not through the direct line of the BT REN booster) cured the connection issues.
I've read alot about the 205 overheating...there's alot of truth to that but I haven't had a problem yet.

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