Vostro ???

  Bagsey 18:35 25 Jul 2007

I am being plagued by this advert popping up behind my browser window every time I open this forum. Sometimes I have 3 versions of this advert unknowingly up behind my working page and it is really slowing down my vists to the forum site. I realise that the forum has to be paid for by adverts but as I am neither Interested nor in business I find this VOSTRO advert to be an intrusive pest and would appreciate advice on how to stop it if that is possible.

  I am Spartacus 18:49 25 Jul 2007

This is one advert I'm happy with, I don't find it particularly intrusive.

  VoG II 18:52 25 Jul 2007
  Bagsey 08:05 26 Jul 2007

Thanks VoG for your guidance I will give that method a try over the weekend.

  palinka 22:14 01 Aug 2007

I agree with Bagsey - this vostro ad is a real pain in the neck. My pc is bginning to struggle in any case and the vostro ad (usually 3 copies of it at a time) is slowing things down still further to a point where I get error messages and blue screens and have to restart.
Another thread on this subject suggests it's paying for the PCA site; if that is the case then I feel PCA should reconsider.

  Quiet Life 22:53 01 Aug 2007

In IE 7 Tools> Pop up Blocker stopped them for me.

  woodchip 23:07 01 Aug 2007

I am using a Old 1600 Athlon running Win98se and old Netscape 7.2 with popup blocker enabled in Netscape plus the host file. I never get anything

  woodchip 23:08 01 Aug 2007

Not even the Green underline bits

  Bagsey 08:26 02 Aug 2007

I have been plagued with this Vostro popup so much. It used to popup behind my Forum page slowing things down, but now it is coming up in front of the forum page. I will reluctently only be coming onto this forum at rare intervals from now on, that is after being here since I think 2000 or even earlier. I also am finding that I no longer really look forward to the magazine coming once a month (it is more about phones ,ipods, cameras than computers) so in a fit of temper I stopped my newsagent from delivering it monthly. If I want it now I will get it from the newstand after I have browsed it to see if it is worth getting. No one in charge of the forum seems to understand that although we appreciate that the forum has to be paid for by adverts there is a limit to our patience. As far as I am comcerned they have overstepped my patience limit. I am getting to old for all of this hassle. TTFN everyone.

  Bagsey 08:28 02 Aug 2007

It covered my page 3 times whilst writing the above, and again when posting it.That cant be right can it???

  Quiet Life 19:05 02 Aug 2007

No. It is odd tht you are not able to fix this problem after seven years on the Forum.
What browser are you using and what steps have you taken to stop popups loading?

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