Volume Slider beep has changed

  keith-236785 09:46 25 Feb 2005


The volume control slide in my task bar used to play a beep coresponding to the volume, loud beep when loud, soft beep when low, no beep when off etc.

something has changed and now all i get is a single ding, no change in the volume of the ding wherever i set the volume.

the old sound made it easy to set the correct volume, not so now. only way is to play a tune to see what the volume is (yes, i can see the slider so it isnt so bad).

anyone know how to get the default settings back, i have looked at control panel/sound, i do not have any themes active, just windows default.

i am using winXP Pro, ASrock mobo with onboard sound. Nothing has changed hardware wise but i have been installing some demos so it could be one of them. Is there a way to restore defaults before i try system restore.

Thanks all

  ACOLYTE 12:59 25 Feb 2005

You need to go into control panel,Sounds Speech and Audio devices,then click on change the sound scheme and look down the list the sound is probably the "Default beep" sound you will need to highlight this click the play button to see if this is the sound you here if it is you can browse your windows media folder and find the sound you used to have and put it back to that.

  keith-236785 00:02 26 Feb 2005

thanks for the advice, i have checked in the control panel and found nothing to help, after further checking, i have now found that the sound i hear is from the case speaker and not my desktop speakers, i do not know what has changed but i cant find a way back.

this is bugging me more than causing a problem.

i have tried system restore and gone back a week and nothing has changed, the sound is still the same. i only noticed this problem yesterday so going back a full week should have sorted it but it hasnt.

anyone got any ideas

  keith-236785 09:13 26 Feb 2005


  keith-236785 19:59 26 Feb 2005


anyone help with this please

  mtall 21:04 26 Feb 2005

integrated sound cards are not the best. Is your sound card working OK? uninstall the drivers and re install them.
good luck


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