Volume label

  ian-206235 19:51 03 Apr 2005

I was going away to format my hard drive, and in the window explorer , I type format c: , then it asks me for the current volume label , where can I find info , please

  Jeffers22 19:55 03 Apr 2005

Just leave it blank. Or fill in a name up to 8 characters long that you like. It is of no real importance.

  Jeffers22 19:57 03 Apr 2005

Sorry. Misread your post.

Drop to a command prompt. type label and hit return.

  Jeffers22 19:58 03 Apr 2005

Sorry. Misread your post.

Drop to a command prompt. type label and hit return.

  SANTOS7 19:59 03 Apr 2005

My computer> right click drive>select properties>general tab>whatever is shown in titlebar there is the Volume label...

  Paranoid Android 20:02 03 Apr 2005

The volume label appears as a 'name' after the drive letter in Explorer - it isn't even restricted to 8 charaters in most versions of windows.

When formatting, the system asks you for the name to verify you've got the correct drive - if it's blank at the moment, just do as Jeffers22 suggests and leave it blank.

I don't normally format from within Exporer if I'm formatting the system (windows) drive, I would always use a bootable floppy or CD. I'm not even sure if it will let you do it.


  ian-206235 00:28 04 Apr 2005

Yes I just put it the master dvd and it was all done automatically , back to a junk free pc again. Thanks very much

  DieSse 01:34 04 Apr 2005

I know you've alraedy done what you wanted, but just a confirmation of what Marvin (Paranoid Android) said - you cannot format the Windows partition when running Windows - it won't let you. Otherwise you would be wiping out what you are actually using - which clearly isn't feasible!

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