Volume controls

  Ghloria 10:00 04 Feb 2003

My computer "beep" is much too loud when I have the moniter volume set to hear audio from RealPlayer etc. I have tried to use the volume controls but cant find the right one to set.


  woodchip 10:12 04 Feb 2003

You could remove a speaker connector, as there is no way of turning it down. You only need it connected if you are experiencing problems, the wire will be marked on the little plug coming from the front speaker with SP

  bcarroll 10:19 04 Feb 2003

Boot the system to the BIOS (system setup) . Move down to the section that says 'integrated devices'. Hit enter and look for the speaker. Turn it off and then hit ESC a few times to save and exit.

  bcarroll 10:20 04 Feb 2003

The above works on Dell PC

  Ghloria 10:45 04 Feb 2003

"Boot the system to the BIOS (system setup"!!! Pardon, over my head I'm afraid, would you please simplify. I use Packard bell - windows 98 5.5 .

  woodchip 10:52 04 Feb 2003

when you start your computer watch the screen for, "To enter Setup Press xxxxx" where xxxxx is the key or key combinations you have to press to get in to cmos setup. There are instructions then on screen how to navigate with the keyboard pressing enter will open a page pressing escape will close a page etc. Hope that helps that's why I suggested to remove the connector

  bcarroll 10:54 04 Feb 2003

i dont think u can do it from the bios on the packard bell. the only way is to open the pc reset the jumper switch (j36)for the internal speaker or jus disconnect the cable from the speaker.
click here

  Ghloria 11:03 04 Feb 2003

But if I remove the connecter surely I wont be able to here my RealPlayer etc audio.

  woodchip 11:06 04 Feb 2003

Real player should work with your separate PC speakers not the computer one

  Ghloria 11:07 04 Feb 2003

Just looked at the link, are there different speakers for beep and realp audio then.

  powerless 11:11 04 Feb 2003

Are you talking about the Base system "Beep" as in the sound that comes from where you put in a CD. That big thing where all the componets are stored?

Or are you talking about a beep that comes from the speakers? So your listening to whatever in real player then "Beep". Does that beep come from the speakers?

Or does its come from the base system?

Your system just shouldn't "Beep" maybe once when you first start your computer, but when your in windows and listening via realplayer it shoulnt beep at all.

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