volume control gone (vista)

  goldmax 20:28 27 May 2008

I have vista business, when I click the speaker icon I don't get the slide control to adjust volume. I get a brief spinning disc and then nothing- this means my sound is stuck at level45. Any advice or help welcome, cheers.

  brundle 21:19 27 May 2008

Go to Start orb/search, type


press return

and/or run system file check; click here

  goldmax 22:11 27 May 2008

Sorry to ask again but I couldn't type sndvol in the search box ie it didn't find anything. I will run the system file check tomorrow and let you know Thanks

  brundle 23:06 27 May 2008

You're not using it to search...apologies if my instructions were not clear, the Search box doubles as the Run box - typing sndvol and pressing return (no need to wait for it to search, it won't find the file unless you've done some fiddling with the Search Indexing options) will run the file responsible for the volume level controls.

  goldmax 08:22 28 May 2008

Thanks Brundle, I tried the sndvol method but still no volume control, I have to go to work now but will try a system file check when I get home and let you now.

  hiwatt 09:57 28 May 2008

Hopefully this will sort it.click here

  goldmax 16:26 28 May 2008

Thanks Hiwatt but the volume icon is there- its when I click it I don't get the sliding knob(everything is ticked ).

  goldmax 16:50 28 May 2008

Brundle, I have just used the system file checker as you said but the volume slider still doesn't show! The sfc 'found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them'. It then said'Details are included in the CBS.Logwindir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example C:\windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log'. What is the next plan of attack ?, thanks

  brundle 18:00 28 May 2008

cbs.log; click here
With luck there won't be too many, otherwise run SFC in safe mode (click here).

"To run the Windows Vista System File Checker in safe mode:

Open the 'start' menu. Type 'cmd' in the search bar, do NOT press ENTER. Right click on the 'cmd' executable file in the search results and choose 'run as administrator'.

When the administrative command prompt window opens, type the following:

sfc /scannow

And press ENTER. Windows Vista will begin checking all essential system files and making repairs when necessary. This may take quite a while, and you may be required to insert your Windows Vista installation disk. "

from here; click here

  goldmax 20:48 28 May 2008

Brundle, I tried your cbs.log link and followed instructions (ie typed findstr/c:(SR) etc etc)but nothing happened. Anyway I will try safe mode and run sfc/scannow when I get chance and tell you what I find. From your last link I gather you think I may have a virus? I have AVG 8 -the paid for version running, thanks

  brundle 21:39 28 May 2008

No, I'm not vouching for the entire text of the last link, just the bits pertaining to your issue. It is true to say that virus scanning can be done in safe mode if something can't be removed while running Windows normally. I don't think you have a virus, but it's not impossible. Not a very effective one if all it does is stop you accessing your volume controls....

You might need to look into updating or re-installing your sound drivers - some audio drivers replace the default Windows volume controls with their own, perhaps it's that which is causing the problem. Disregard that if you know for sure the volume slider you used to use is the default one.

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