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  BigMan24 14:16 30 May 2005

Hey guys,

I've got two questions about the volume control on windows xp (home edition).

My main volume control has disapeared from the toolbar down the bottom right near the clock. I can get to it through start/accessories/entertainment. But I was wondering if anyone knows a way to get it back on the toolbar/taskbar thingy?

Also, there is something i'm not too sure about with the colume control. When I'm listening to music through windows media player, I can turn it up by using the volume control on media player itself.

But, i can turn it up further by going to the windows 'volume control'. But I've got realplayer as well, and when I run that program I can turn the music up even further by turning the volume up in that (even tho the mp3 is still played thru windows media player).

My question is, is there a 'master control' where i can put the sound on a maximum it can possibly be?
Or, should i just keep on installing new media players (i.e. quicktime, jukebox and such like) and putting them on their maximum volume to increase the overall volume?

I'm not sure if I've explained this properly, but if u dont get it just say and i'll try and explain a bit more.


  ACOLYTE 14:21 30 May 2005

To get the icon back in the taskbar open control panel click sound speech and audio then click on sounds and audio and tick place icon in taskbar box there is also a speaker volume box there tick this and adjust to what you want or you can set all the volumes up full with the icon you just put on task bar by rightclicking it and selecting open volume control depending what you have there you can set master volume to full as well as wave volume and cd audio,then the apps will adjust from the max level,well in theroy anyway.lol.


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