teamleader 55 13:30 20 Jul 2008

when i click on the volume button the slider comes out faded i have tried going into control panel the sound devices and it is the same there it is sometimes ok but most of the time it wont work

  woodchip 14:20 20 Jul 2008

What do you mean By Volume, That can be sound or Restore Volume or Drive letter what and which are you on about?? when its faded it means that its a hidden file

  teamleader 55 15:14 20 Jul 2008

when i click on the volume icon in the system tray i cant adjust the volume because the volume slider is very faint and it is also very faint in control panel

  eedcam 15:19 20 Jul 2008

When you right click on that Icon and adjust audio properties does sound and audio devices open or does it say not installed

  ambra4 15:27 20 Jul 2008

Reinstall the audio driver

  teamleader 55 15:30 20 Jul 2008

yes when i right click the icon sound and audio devices opens

  woodchip 17:14 20 Jul 2008

Check the Sound in Control Panel if its not loud enough. But if it’s a Laptop you will be limited to tinny tiny

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