voltages are running in the red??

  matthew-293741 22:22 06 Aug 2009

hi all

lately i have noticed a slow down in my games, what have i done -

i have updated the gfx nvidia drivers - no joy, windows update has installed vista sp2 - ever since this i seem to have a conflict that wont allow ntune to run...it will let me run nvidia monitor

i have run this and the gfx temp is about 80, the cpu about 43 which i think are not too bad - however the voltages part shows all of the hardware running in the red - namely my cpu, fsb,memory and nforce - the hints and tips says that if they are in the red it is because i am stressing them out???

i have a Q6600 cpu, 8800 ultra gfx and 2 gb of ram - my psu is a quad rail ( ithink!) 1000w unit

i have rolled back my gfx drivers to no affect - tyhe next thing i may do is restore my pc prior to the sp2 upgrade - but i think i may have a hardware not a software issue - any ideas?


  mrwoowoo 01:44 07 Aug 2009

Have you previously tried to overclock your graphics card with Ntune?
Perhaps it has pushed your PCIe bus speed above the 100MHZ mark thus taking the fsb and other voltages up with it.
Either way,i would check your voltages in the Bios,then uninstall Ntune and see if it changes.
You really don't want to push your graphics card above the 100 mhz mark.In fact overclockers tend to lock their PCIe bus speed at 100 mhz before they do.

  matthew-293741 08:26 07 Aug 2009

thanks for the reply - in answer - no...i have not tried to overclock (far too thick for that!!) as for ntune, the only reason i downloaded itr was to see if it would open but i get a conflict saying extension cannot be created - version mismatch - which i am assuming is something to do with sp2 or some drivers on my mobo/card???


  matthew-293741 12:23 07 Aug 2009

Ok i have uninstalled ntune but as expected it hasnt made a difference....could it be that my psu is about to die?

  matthew-293741 18:17 07 Aug 2009

any ideas?

  OTT_Buzzard 18:34 07 Aug 2009

into the red are your voltages?

Can you get exact numbers?

If nVida monitor doesn't give quantitative figure, download and install Eversest (click here).

It may just be that nVidia monitor is a bit overcautious.

  matthew-293741 21:01 07 Aug 2009

cpu - 1.3250
memory 1.850
fsb - 1.2
nforce - 1.5

i will try the everest thingy...thanks!!

  matthew-293741 21:04 07 Aug 2009


the everest software gives me loads of options....too many for me....which ones am i suppose to look at?

  mrwoowoo 21:17 07 Aug 2009

The Q6600 is designed to run at a range of up to 1.372v. This is the manufacturers guide which obviously err on the side of caution.
So you are well within limits.
I may be wrong.But i don't think the voltages are your problem.
Have you got more programmes running in the background now while you play?
Have you installed new software lately?
Try shutting everything down when you want to play and see if it improves.
If not,perhaps you may have to uninstall sp2.

  mrwoowoo 21:27 07 Aug 2009

Have you updated your graphics drivers lately as some new ones are slower than previous ones.
click here
Also using Vistas Aero interface can reduce framerates by 20%.

  OTT_Buzzard 22:17 07 Aug 2009

Hard to tell for sure without knowing what make / model of motherboard & RAM you have, but they're in the right kind of range for a DDR2 mobo.

1.325v for the CPU is on the high side of normal, especially if you have stock cooling. It might be worth downloading CPU-Z (click here), check your CPU VID and set the CPU voltage in BIOS to the VID plus about 0.02v. VID's for the Q6600 have been known to up to the 1.32v mark, but they're few and far between.

It's possible that your motherboard is throttling the CPU if it's temps are increasing to high (high voltages cause an increase in temperature)

If your power supply was on the way out you'd more than likely be seeing blue screen or random crashes, so that's unlikely to be the problem.

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