voltage values

  the kopite 07:46 26 Jul 2005

Hi Guys I have recently brought a cheap psu due to finacial difficulties ie skint lol and could any kind chap tell me if these voltage values supplied by everest home edition are ok cpu core1.70v +3.3=3.34 +5v=4.97 +12v=12.22 +5v standby=5.05v thanks guys but just having one psu blow I am naturaly worried kopite

  Gongoozler 09:46 26 Jul 2005

As far as I know, the voltages should be within 10% of the nominal values, so yours all look OK.

  the kopite 09:54 26 Jul 2005


  Danoh 10:06 26 Jul 2005

Do you know what caused your previous PSU to be blown? Important, as the same actions would probably blow a new PSU, whatever quality.

Steady state voltage values are no indication of performance under load. More important than voltage is the power rating (Watts) which should have a decent extra margin over the combined wattage of all components which will be drawing power from your PSU.

  the kopite 14:50 26 Jul 2005

Hi Danhoe all I was doing was upgrading my cpu at first I thought it was that but by a process of eliminatiom I tracked it down to the psu the stated wattage is 550 watts and the psu is called EZcooler I had never heard of it befor but it was the only psu my computer shop stocked in 400 or 550 watt so I chose the 550 thanks kopite

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