voltage reading on pc wizard

hi i put this pc together not knowing much, havnt had any problems but pc wizard reports:
voltage cpu = 1.12 v
aux = 3.28 v
+ 3.3 v = 1.23 v ????
+ 5v= 5.01 v
+12v = 11.96 v

does this seem correct, a bit concerned with the 3.3 rail. when i built it it wouldnt boot so messed with everything in the bios, is it safe to 'load optimised defaults' or will that screw things up?
amd 5200 x2
asus nodusm
award bios
4x 1gb 6400 ram

or am i worrying about nothing? thanks

and vista

  I am Spartacus 21:49 25 Jul 2007

I just looked at PC Wizard for my readings and it shows 3.26V for the 3.3V rail. I've have no idea what that means.

It also shows 18.75V for the 12V rail!

However another monitoring program I'm using shows 3.26V and 12.3V respectively. Maybe there's a problem with PC Wizard?

  octal 21:54 25 Jul 2007

I would take those monitors with a huge pinch of salt that would probably block my arteries. The only way to really test those voltages are to find the test points as given in the technical manual, anyway if they where as far out as what the monitor is indicating on some of the rails the computer would soon complain.

ok will leave alone then, thanks for the replies.

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