jack 20:37 07 Apr 2007

Internet voice communication is a topic I have not given a lot of thought about.
I don't have a need really.
But in an idle moment downloaded a Skype program and installed it to play- and then took a look a Voip in Wikopedia.

If I were to install for real
Which route would I go?

  Technotiger 20:53 07 Apr 2007

Which route would I go - Sorry, don't understand what you mean. I use Skype almost daily, it is in my opinion excellent, I video chat to my son in Lanzarote and to friends in India, New Zealand and USA - all for Free. (I am in UK).

  candun 23:52 07 Apr 2007

I'm with Technotiger 100%, plus you can install a webcam. I suggest that you have a really good look at the Skype website and compare it with other VOIP services. Then use it.

  gudda96 09:07 08 Apr 2007

2 questions re Skype, which I have recently installed

a) can you recommend brand/quality of headphones/mic

b) same question on webcam (suitable for laptop)

  phil.smith 10:51 08 Apr 2007

I have used SKYPE for ages - great!

I have used SKYPE for 4 way conference calls between British Columbia, Ottawa, Wiltshire and Northumberland - always brilliant connection and sounds as if all the people are in the same room.

I use a Logitech Quickcam 4000 which has a built in microphone with no problems (although at the moment you can't use the camera on conference calls, only on a one to one basis).

  Technotiger 13:20 09 Apr 2007

Virtually any webcam and pc mic will do the job. I am currently using headset with mic boom, but just a very cheapie one, works great.

  Bagsey 13:28 09 Apr 2007

As for Head phones etc. I bought on of these and save myself from the feedback I used to get from my 5.1 speakers. click here
I now use my ordinary house phone. The system is used weekly talking to my son in Oman. I also use a very cheap Webcam with its mike disconected.

  jack 16:41 09 Apr 2007

So am I correct in assuming from this that VOIP[Voice Over Internet Protacal] is trhe name of the 'system' amd SKYPE is simply a version of the same?
Just like Photo Shop and or Oaint shop are - Image Editors?

  Technotiger 16:56 09 Apr 2007


  jack 08:51 10 Apr 2007

Thank you for that TechnoTiger all is now clear as ---mud

Hearing all the blather about it I in my innocence thought it was yet another 'Free' add on,
but it ain't it seems[ or can you suggest where it is]
Having setup SKYPE I set in my one and only- VIOP user- an E-pal in France- we had a nice long chat
with him full face on my 19 in Philips[Yuk] then when I ended the call SYPE said that was my Free trial- now you got to buy 'SKYPE credits'
Huh - I ain't paying for it that's for sure,

  gudda96 09:09 10 Apr 2007

Technotiger and all

Thsnks for response, am I right in thinking Jack uses Skypeout if he was asked to pay???

So a few questions if I may.

1) I have created a Skype name, so is that the one I give out to people to ring me

2) When ready to call, I set up my headset/webcam and the dial appears on screen and I dial using my keyboard.

3) Do you arrange foe recipient to be on pc so he /she can receive your call.

4) Does it ring on your pc to know a call has arrived.

5) Do you call recipients PHONE number?

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