Abi-Moore 13:42 08 Aug 2007

has anyone experience of using this service?
if so please advise if they have found a compatable phone,that still lets you use speakers and enables you to recieve incoming calls?
click here
or can anyone recommend another provider that offers free landline calls in uk

  ambra4 15:39 08 Aug 2007

Just another Skype with a new face-lift

You can now make FREE calls to several countries. These calls are limited to 1 minute per call. (Please Note) Time you dial and connect your 1 minute is up

If you want UNLIMITED calls to our FREE destinations please go to our website and buy credit.

Have use Skype since the first day it came out never had any problem to connect UK, USA, Japan, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, P&P, land & mobile calls, have also conference calls with UK-US-Caribbean, plus video

The Skype phone that I use at present handle all Skype calls, land line calls, intercom calls, and transfer all calls between extensions.

One phone can be on a landline call; and other extension phone can still make an Internet call

Plus it does not use the sound card in the computer you just change the audio setting in Skype; also you can add up to 3 extensions, works very well for me and do not inference with my broadband wireless system, base station sitting right next to 3Com wireless router.

click here

  Abi-Moore 16:49 08 Aug 2007

thanks ambra,looks good.
although the way i read the voipcheap offer was that say you buy £10 credit,then all landline calls are free for up to 300 minutes per week,and the credit would be used for sms messages and calls to mobile no.s?

  Daibus 17:17 08 Aug 2007

I have been using VoipCheap for some time and find it works very well.

If you lodge €10 with them you can make free (apart from the 5 cent connection charge) landline to landline phone calls to many destinations. This facility lasts for 120 days after which a nominal charge is introduced unless you deposit further credit.

You enter the recipients phone number via the software on your PC, your phone will ring, pick up and you can talk for as long as you like for no more than the initial connection fee.

PC to telephone landlines are completely free, unlike Skype.

I live in Spain and find VoipCheap as well as Skype invaluabe for contacting people abroad and also find it financially beneficial for internal calls also.

  Abi-Moore 18:31 08 Aug 2007

thanks Daibus,
i will be literally using either voipcheap or skype mainly for uk landline calls with the odd mobile call,do the voipcheap landline calls remain free, in terms of the initial credit not expiring,or does the minimal charge still apply to local calls?

  Daibus 09:39 09 Aug 2007

Landline calls, including local ones, only cost the initial 5 cents connection charge for the initial 120 days after you have deposited your credit then about a 1 cent charge is introduced but if you deposit further funds calls become free again.

However your credit does not expire so you can continue to use up the remaining funds without having to deposit further credit.

Mobile calls are more expensive except to the US and Canada for example, where they are free and are charged the minimum rate.

  Abi-Moore 09:51 09 Aug 2007

thanks again

  Miros 10:22 09 Aug 2007

I note you live in Spain, I live in the UK and have used ViopDiscount which is a related company ( think they both are based in Germany) for over 12 months now, there is no initial 5 cent connection charge to land lines in fact no charge until your 120 days have been used up.

I did use ViopCheap originally and as I recall they charged for to call Canada, ViopDiscount do not charge to land lines there within the 120 day limit.

Again it's a ten Euro charge for 120 days which I virtually use up once 120 period is up, then deposit ten Euros again to start up the 120 free calls again. click here

I/ we make calls to landlines in Canada, Australia, the USA, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Greece all for 'free' except as above mentioned.

Abi-Moore, I note you have closed this posting but if you do happen to read the above I can recommend ViopDiscount.

  Abi-Moore 10:25 09 Aug 2007

thankyou Miros,
that seems just the ticket.

  Abi-Moore 10:49 09 Aug 2007

extract from voip discount
From now on you can use your VoipDiscount credit as well for calls from your mobile.
Please use the right access number for your country and make sure your mobile number is registered with your account. Before each call you will hear the free tariff message.
miros have you tried this option
does it mean you get free landline calls using your moby? and the 0.05 cent texts?

  Miros 16:58 09 Aug 2007

Never used it to call mobiles, I doubt they will be free.
I have used it to text mobiles which is not free but convenient being able to use proper keyboard.

Forgot to mention that certain premium land line numbers are chargeable, like 0870 numbers, if I come across one of these I always go to say no to 870 at click here and look for a geographical number which of course will not be charged. If I'm given and 0870 number to call when making inquiries I always "say I'm unable to call those numbers do you have a geographical number?" so far I have always been given one.

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