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  picklsey 15:45 02 Nov 2005

got myself above it works ok,my question is when i plug it in all the sound comes through the phone(which i would expect)but for me to listen to my music through the speakers i have to unplug it,is there a way i can leave it plugged in and and get the sound through the speakers.thanks.

  picklsey 05:18 04 Nov 2005


  Gongoozler 09:17 04 Nov 2005

Hi picklsey, I suspect that what is happening is that you are plugging the headphone into a jack socket that incorporates a switch to cut off the speakers. If I'm right, then you will need to disable the switch. This would be a soldering iron job on the sound card. Alternatively you could make a switch box with a headphone jack to connect to the speaker cable. Either of these would put the telephone sound on both speakers and headphones, which may not be what you want. You could, of course put a changeover switch in the switch box I suggested above which might do what you want.

  picklsey 14:45 04 Nov 2005

thanks for your responce certainly gives me a few options,i will leave the thread running a little while longer to see if there are any more ideas.thanks again.

  Audeal 17:49 04 Nov 2005

Arn't voip phones run from the USB port?

If not then you could maybe purchase a "Y" connecter and plug both items into that. I do this with my setup and it works fine, in fact I have four outputs running from one speaker output on my sound card. Not all are working at the same time, of course, but it works fine.

  picklsey 06:18 05 Nov 2005

thanks for that i will look into it.yes it,s a usb device.thanks again.

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