Voice recognition software

  andy625 15:37 04 Mar 2006

Can anyone recommend some software that will enable you to talk to your pc and convert your speach into text?

  pj123 15:55 04 Mar 2006

Dragon Naturally Speaking used to be a good one. A "Lite" version was given away on Magazine Cover Disks some time ago. I did give it a try a long time ago and found it needed quite a few hours to recognise your voice and get the words right. I never really used it seriously though, because, as a fairly proficient (70 wpm) typist I found I could type quicker than Dragon could recognise the words.

It still appears to be available but at a price though.

click here

  wiz-king 16:20 04 Mar 2006

is a good program, but like a of the voice recognition progs it requires a little time to train it to the user. You may find that you give up with it because of this, also it is a fairly prolific memory user. click here I have a early edition that I have been using for about five years, later ones should be an improvement on it.

  Ray5776 16:21 04 Mar 2006

Unless you need to write hundreds of pages of text regularly you will find it more trouble than its worth, tried it myself the novelty soon wears off.


  andy625 10:32 06 Mar 2006

Sounds like it may not be worth considering then. My wife was looking at using it as she has to type in lots of notes for work, however she can type pretty fast and doesn't want to spend ages sorting out the text after its been put in.

Anybody know of any that can be bought for a premium to get the reliability up a bit?

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