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  fourjays 16:17 24 Jan 2005

Me and my friend are looking into voice client software, so that we can talk to each other during game. We have tried quite a few, but none that work.

We couldn't figure out the 'simple - no-firewall configuration' Roger Wilco - we couldn't join each others rooms.

We also tried Teamspeak and another program called Skype. Both of these he could hear me fine, but I couldn't hear him - during game. In Windows it worked fine. Does anyone have an idea on hoe to fix this, so that I can hear him too?

  ACOLYTE 16:49 24 Jan 2005

Teamspeak is probably the most popular,and to be ablle to hear each other you need to be on the same server chanel,if you or your friend are running the server you will need the client as well,then the ip address of the pc hosting the server then you just connect and enter the same lobby,and hopefully should hear each other.
click here might help.

  fourjays 17:03 24 Jan 2005

We managed that fine. We could talk to each other perfectly while we were in Windows. Its just that when we went into the game, he could hear what I said, but I couldn't hear anything he said. We went through most of the softwares options, and the games options. We just can't figure out why I can't hear him, in-game. :s

  ACOLYTE 17:16 24 Jan 2005

Have you set it to voice activation or button push?,if button make sure the button is not used by the game,if it beeps when held in it most probably wont work,the other thing you could try is selecting a different codec and making sure you both use the same one,it may be that the games audio is overriding TS and you cant hear,try to get your Mic volume higher than the game audio,It may also depend what sound drivers you have im not sure but i think WDM drivers usually work best.


  fourjays 18:00 24 Jan 2005

we used it on button push, and it worked fine - wasn't used by the game at all.

We both had the same codec selected, and we made sure we both had the same volumes and everything after the prob.

I have a Sound Blaster 24-bit Live card using the creative drivers. Im not sure what my friend has. I read the teamspeak forums, and it looks like a lot of people have problems with Rogue Spear and Teamspeak, but all the links to solutions are broken. :s

  ACOLYTE 18:05 24 Jan 2005

Not used it with Rouge spear but i have with Raven shield and other games it work's ok,but that was from a dedicated clan server,not one run on my pc,have you got enough bandwith to run the game and TS?.

  fourjays 18:16 24 Jan 2005

I wasn't running it from my PC. We connected to one of the open 'Teamspeak' servers and created a new channel. I tried to host my own, but it just wouldn't allow anyone outside of my LAN connect.

  ACOLYTE 18:27 24 Jan 2005

Strange i have ran a TS server with me and a mate and he connected ok,it was along time ago since i did it tho,the other person needs your ip addy,not the Lan addy the internet one with the host port number.They also need to know the name of the server that you made.

  fourjays 18:50 24 Jan 2005

I gave him my outside IP instead of my inside LAN one. He couldn't connect. But when we ran it on one of the open servers, I just could not hear a word he said. LOL. Yet he was registering what I said to him. And when we were in Windows, it worked fine.

  ACOLYTE 18:53 24 Jan 2005

Might be his microphone setup has he run the test
from within TS?.Also has he allowed TS to connect on the firewall.

  fourjays 19:18 24 Jan 2005

His microphone is working fine - everything works perfectly ok when we are in Windows. Its when we go into the game, that I can no longer hear him. Even odder probably - if he alt-tab's out to windows, I can hear him fine, even though I am stll in the game.

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