VOB Files - No Sound

  Southern Comfort 21:23 01 Jul 2007

I've been trying to create a DVD (using Cyberlink)from VOB files on my desktop. However after burning the DVD, I only have video - no sound. (The VOB files produce sound and video when I play them directly from the desktop). This is all new to me, and any advice would be welcome. Many thanks.

  eedcam 23:09 01 Jul 2007

How have you saved the files as a disc image = Iso files or as a Video_Ts folder .

  Southern Comfort 19:43 02 Jul 2007

I loaded the pre-recorded dvd into my pc disk drive, then opened windows explorer, and dragged and dropped the vob files into a new folder on my desktop. I then imported the vob files (one by one)into Cyberlink, edited them and burned them onto a blank disk. It was a bit trial and error I'm afraid - no ISO or Video_TS were involved, so I'm guessing I've left out a fundemental step?

  David4637 20:29 02 Jul 2007

The VOBs MUST BE IN A "VIDEO_TS" FOLDER, and there should be another folder "AUDIO_TS" with nothing in it. With out the above IT WILL NOT PLAY ON A DVD PLAYER. David

  Southern Comfort 22:00 02 Jul 2007

On the pre-recorded dvd there is a Video_TS Folder containing all the VOBs as well as BUP files. Do I copy the entire folder to my PC? However , there is no sign of a "Audio_TS" folder anywhere.

  eedcam 22:36 02 Jul 2007

You need allthe files. Try this just to get started .Download dvd shrink freebie open the dvd in that you can do a bit of basic editing in that then burn with Nero Plenty of info on shrink on this forum click here

  David4637 14:19 03 Jul 2007

DVDShrink is brilliant and freeware. It will create an AUDIO_TS folder automatically for you. YOU MUST HAVE THIS EMPTY FOLDER as I have said above. David

  Southern Comfort 23:19 03 Jul 2007

Thanks for the advice folks. However, I've just downloaded DVD Shrink, but when I try to open my DVD I get an error message _"DVD Shrink encountered a problem and cannot continue. Invalid DVD Navigation Structure". Can anyone help?

  eedcam 09:25 04 Jul 2007

Looks as if thedvd is corruptTry opening the files in shrink though I think it will look for a TS folder .It will also open a disc imge (Iso folder) How did you get the files onto your desktop in the first place

  Abi-Moore 09:27 04 Jul 2007

sometimes shrink throws up this message if the disc is dirty/scratched

  Southern Comfort 13:30 04 Jul 2007

Initially I dragged and dropped the files from the DVD into a new file on my Desktop. I'll try loading the files into Shrink from the folder when I get home tonight, or try cleaning the disk.

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