VOB files converted to AVI

  Sunny-275842 00:32 30 Mar 2003

can anyone tell me what proggy i need to use to convert VOB files (DVD file) to a watchable DivX AVI file? i cant seem to find a proggy to do this well, all i seem to find is ones you have to extract the WAV file seperatly then join the film up later this takes to long so i was wondering where i can find a VOBtoAVI converter.



  cycoze 00:44 30 Mar 2003

dvd cutter appears to be popular click here

  monkeyshine 00:44 30 Mar 2003

Try the DivX site

  Sunny-275842 02:29 30 Mar 2003

the link dont work im afraid :( any more sites out there?

  cycoze 03:42 30 Mar 2003

As the link does not work for you just search on Google for DVDcutter , many sites list it , the link i gave was to download a trial from zdnet .

  Sunny-275842 03:55 30 Mar 2003

ok ive found some proggys do you know any progs that can extract and save the audio track for a VOB file? theres not alot around i can fing and most of them are not very good.

im using FlaskMPEG to convert the VOB file to AVI, i get the picture but i dont get sound so i have to extact the audio and then convert the 2 files to make one AVI at the end.

you know any?


  Sunny-275842 00:53 31 Mar 2003

??? nobody nos how to extract the audio from a VOB file to be saved as a WAV, MP3 file?????

  monkeyshine 01:01 31 Mar 2003

Is Google so hard to use?

  Sunny-275842 01:05 31 Mar 2003

thanks Beta but DVD2AVI dont work i tried it.

monkeyshine if you aint gonna help then dont put in stupid little comments this is a forum of HELP thats why im here guess ur here just to piss people of with your useless comments

Thanks beta btw

  monkeyshine 01:09 31 Mar 2003

You got it in one

  Sunny-275842 01:13 31 Mar 2003

greeeeeeeeeeeat a LOSER on the lose

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