VMware Player - Run Linux In Windows

  powerless 02:35 23 Oct 2005

What you are seeing is VMware Player, 'playing' Unbuntu Linux. VMware player is installed on XP and can play other os's [not Mac] from within the player. You can download some zipped files from the [Virtual Machine Center] click here but they really need a BB connection.

The files you download are created with other VMware products [not free] but you can pretty much play any Windows or Linux OS in the VMware player on your currently running OS. No need to use LIVE CD's, run it whilst you check your email.

click here

Here's what it looks like running on XP: click here

  DieSse 10:41 23 Oct 2005

Clever - but IMHO ultimately pointless, when yu can dual-boot from Xandros (say) and still have access to all your XP files!

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