VIVO card or seperate TV card?

  Fullywired 16:11 12 Mar 2005

hi guys!

my PC has been crashing over the last few days and after afew tests i have come to realize that my graphics card is nearing its end. i have been looking for a replacement for my GF4 Ti4200, i have decided to go with something that will give me the ability to put all those awful VHS's onto DVD. i have found a decent FX5200 VIVO but i was wondering, can i get better performance from two seperate cards? im looking for something in the sub-£100 price range but i am open to suggestions. i have an AsRock K8 Combo-Z motherboard with an Athlon 62 3000+ (s754) and 512Mb of corsair DDR PC3200. so which should i go for?



  Fullywired 16:19 12 Mar 2005

forgot to mention, the card i have been looking at:
click here

thanks in advance!


  Fullywired 10:23 13 Mar 2005

okay guys! these crashes are becoming more frequent! i need an answer ASAP if you could! should i get the card above or should i get a better one and get a seperate tv/capture card later?



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