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  Michendi 10:19 20 Jul 2005

I use Dreamweaver MX 2004 as my primary development tool. Recently I have started to develop within the Microsoft .NET Framework using ASP.NET and C#. I find that Dreamweaver's .NET tools are not as comprehensive, intuitive or helpful as they could be. [Examples : Code-behind has to be wired up manually; remote directories must be created manually; there is no one-click method to compile code into .exe or .dll; errors are not trapped within the DW environment... etc]

My understanding is that Visual Studio is a complete development environment geared specifically at the .NET Framework. However, I am reluctant to devote time and effort on learning yet another development tool - particularly one as complex as VS - if my current tools can do the job.

Question : Is VS the editor-of-choice for developing within the .NET Framework or will Dreamweaver do the job just as well?

  Taran 16:43 24 Jul 2005

Dreamweaver can do a lot, but not as much as VS in many areas.

Having said that, a lot of third party extensions have expanded Dreamweaver's abailities in all languages including the .NET family, but you may not want to part with yet more cash for these functions. Check ou the Macromedia Exchange click here for more info.

VS is a dedicated environment where Dreamweaver is far more flexible, also offering PHP, ColdFusion, standard ASP, JSP and .NET possibilities.

This falls down to how well you know the product(s), how much manual work you want to put into things, and one or two other things that we can get to if need be.

There's nothing stopping you creating your own functions within Dreamweaver to automate many of the things you mention above. Dreamweaver supports its own enxtensions and you can create you own if you like. You can also do Macros in Dreamweaver, sort of.

Finally, I keep a bunch of blank root folders for various web types, including the .NETs. Copy your template folder(s) into your new web root, define the site and off you go.

VS is almost incomparable to Dreamweaver since they both do so much that the other can't. If you want to go down the .NET road to any serious degree you'd be nuts to ignore or avoid VS - eventually you will have to get your head around it. Having said that, there's not much that Dreamweaver can't do, if you take the time and effort to make it do what you want.


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