Visual Basic help needed

  Flopper 19:38 21 Jun 2009

I am 'building' a Cash Machine ( a 'hole in the wall' bank thingy) as a college project and I need to know the code which will enable me to press the number 1 on the VB project keypad and see the number 1 stay in the TextBox. In fact I need to be able to press 4 numbers in sequence (a PIN number) and have them stay in the TextBox until I press Enter.
After that I need to be able to link (via this PIN number) to an Access database which contains mock customers account details.
Any ideas.
My knowledge of VB coding is very slim.

  reddwarfcrew 21:26 21 Jun 2009

I would talk to your college tutor as this should have been covered in your lessons.

The first part is easy, the second more complex.

If you are struggling with the first part then you do really need to talk to your college tutor for support.

  Flopper 22:10 21 Jun 2009

Thanks but I am a distance learner (online) student attached to a college and have never had a single lesson in a classroom.
Had I had any lessons I would not need to ask such questions.
I do get rather pee'd off at some of the responses I get on here. If you cannot help, don't reply !!!

  sconedd 23:30 21 Jun 2009

Flopper, reddwarfcrew was really trying to help. I cannot help you but I would take his advcie and try and get in touch with someone in the college that will have the answer to your problem. Don't take it out on reddwarfcrew. This forum tries help if it can, so chill.

  OTT_Buzzard 02:45 22 Jun 2009

Hate to say it, but you're stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I'm not sure what course you are doing, but I'm really really hoping that it's not a course in VB Programming.

You mentioned that you have an Access database to store customer info. Would it be possible for you to use VBA in Access to gan PIN information?

This would likely make your task significantly easier.

  Flopper 09:26 22 Jun 2009

OTT, thank you for a constructive and sensible response.
It is a course in VB programming and I have heard of VB in Access but it might as well be Chinese to me at the moment.
Sconedd, give me some credit. I did intend to talk to the college but as it was weekend and the college was not open I thyought I would try a short cut and use this forum

  reddwarfcrew 16:54 22 Jun 2009

I have just completed a course via distant learning myself and also never attended a tutorial or spoke to my tutor.

However, I did have material provided by the course team both on the web and in paper.

I'm sorry you are peed off with me, but if you are struggling with the first part of the question then you really do need to talk to your tutor by phone or email or use the course's on iine forums if they have them.

I don't mean to sound patronising but if you aren't able to do the first part then you will find your course extremly painful.

I am trying to help you out now upfront at the start of your course instead of allowing you to drown over the coming months.

Of course you are allowed to ignore my advice, I am just trying to guide you down the best route based on my experience of going through exactly the same.

Good luck with your studies.

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