Visual artefact about games that is interactive???

  Mysticnas 18:59 13 Jan 2003
  Mysticnas 18:59 13 Jan 2003


I have to make a visual artefact apporx 40x15cm.

It has to based around a previous presentation i did (violent computer games) and has to be interactive.

I've thought of some idea's but none have been interactive!

Any ideas?

  BrianW 19:19 13 Jan 2003

How about a bit of history? Something based on the very early tennis game that Atari had (Pong or some such). "Tennis in a box" there's a marketing concept ;>}}

  Mysticnas 19:28 13 Jan 2003

but it has to portray violence in computer games.

I was thinking of getting an old monitor out of my cupboard and smashing through the screen and having a gun sticking out pointing towards the viewer!
trying to get across the idea of how real games can be now.

but how would i make that interactive? have fake blood pumped around it somehow by the viewer?

i can't think of anything!!!

i'm doomed! :o(

  Mysticnas 19:57 13 Jan 2003

somebody must have some ideas!!!!!

  BrianW 20:12 13 Jan 2003

Have two guns, one from within the monitor pointing at the viewer, the other in the viewer's hand. Link the trigger of the viewer's gun to the gun in the screen, so that if they fire at the screen, the gun in the screen fires back at them - direct cause and effect interaction! (sorry about the first idea - I thought you were done with violence ;>}}) If you want to be really gooey about it, have the gun in the screen fire fake blood at them (ketchup or some such) You're probably still doomed - but an interesting project to work on.

  Mysticnas 20:22 13 Jan 2003


not too sure about the shooting blood, as i doubt they'd want their fave slacks coverd in red gooey stuff!

i like the 1st idea tho, for every action, theres a equal and opposite reaction!!! hmmm

Very greatful indeed Brian.

Keep 'em coming people!

  Mysticnas 20:25 13 Jan 2003

guns from?

is are those replicas banned yet? anyone know how much they cost?

***Keep it legal please!!!***

i don't want any illeagal suggestions!

this is a serious piece of work!

  Mysticnas 21:02 13 Jan 2003

make a gun... like alaser gun or something that shoots sponge balls or summat? or a water gun?

You all know that the police are asking for replica guns to be handed in, well you think if i go to my local and tell them what i'm doing they'll be willing to give or even sell me few so i could use them in my work?

or is that just being plain cockey?

  BrianW 21:16 13 Jan 2003

Water pistols from somewhere like Woolies? Or two of the high pressure ones, or ones that shoot pingpong balls? (link between violence and fun?). I shouldn't start using too realistic model guns, unless of course you want the police to join in. You could of course you the same theme but have boxing gloves instead of guns - the harder you hit - the harder you get hit back. All sorts of allegorical and philosophical messages become possible. Add sound recordings as per games, for added impact. (could even get into sado-masochism if you are not careful). Haven't had this much fun since I used to run Creative Thinking Seminars.

  Mysticnas 21:17 13 Jan 2003

ethics approval from my tutors 1st tho!

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