Vistron TV - no DVB-T....... help!!!!!

  gipoid 18:40 01 Jan 2009

I recently purchased 3 Vistron tv's for my children (2 different models). I know the signal from an indoor aerial is pathetic so I thought I would set them up first in my bedroom (digital aerial connection from outside - connection is perfect) then try them in their bedrooms. However not one tv is working digitally. I've tried all 3 numerous times but I still can't get a picture. It's not that I can't find the menu or installation procedure - it just doesn't work. Note - the digital aerial was installed only a few months ago.
My questions are this:- if my Samsung tv works fine, is it that the Vistron tv's are rubbish? Are there different types of digital signal? Do I need to boost the signal somehow for the Vistron tv's to pick up the signal? Is it possible I have 3 faulty tv's all bought from at the same time?
Any advice would be appreciated.....


  eedcam 18:52 01 Jan 2009

Assuming we are talking freeview and not satellite First there aint no such thing as a digital aerial.Do these sets have built in digital tuners have you looped through to the different sets as you will drop the signal strength as you go you will likely need a amplifier distributor. If they worked ok in one room then An amp/ booster may well do the trick Argos or Maplins .Remember Digital unlike analogue is all or nothing

  gipoid 19:05 01 Jan 2009

Thanks for the quick response eedcam.
I haven't even tried to extend the signal yet. All I have tried to do is test in my bedroom which works fine (Freeview, sorry not digital). There is no point me buying a booster if I can't get it to work in the first place!
My Samsung says on the front DVB and the Vistron's apparently have DVB-T. Are they the same thing? Do I need another type of aerial?
I can't understand why it works perfectly on one tv and not the other.


  eedcam 19:29 01 Jan 2009

Freeview is digital Jim just aerials aint thats a con by the cowboy installers .DVB-T is terrestial same as your main set. So one is your main set digital or do you have a freeview box .Regardless if you are trying direct from the AE that works on your main set they should they start and search for the stations etc I mean youcan tjust plug them i

  Stuartli 19:52 01 Jan 2009

Try tuning each TV for all the Freeview channels on the main aerial input, ensured they are stored and then returning each set to its intended location.

The sets will have stored the channels information and, providing each has a decent aerial signal input, should work as intended afterwards.

  hssutton 20:07 01 Jan 2009

I have two Vistrons at home both work perfectly. Super picture (rubbish remotes. however one of them has two aerial inputs one for anolog VGA in and one for DVB-T RF in. To receive Freeview the aerial must be connected to DVB-T RF in, but I'm guessing that you've already done this

  subi 11:38 02 Jan 2009

I have the exact same problem with my Vistron 19" LCD purchased on 29/12/2008, and if you search the Internet you will find loads of people who cannot tune their Vistron from Ebuyer into the Freeview Digital Channels. I used the same loft aerial which my Sony 32" is connected to which gives a superb picture ( Main transmitter and house on hill)but nothing when I try to tune the Vistron....I get the message "No Channels Found", after Auto Tune. I have sent a message to Ebuyer requesting help as the Instruction Booklet is hopeless.
It seems strange that so many Vistron TV's seem to have the same basic problem! Ebuyer should realise this and if there is a solution then they should make it public so we all can rectify our problem!

  subi 11:39 02 Jan 2009

I forgot to mention that I managed to tune the Analogue Stations with no problems!

  woodchip 11:42 02 Jan 2009

As above No Digital Aerial needed, It looks like you have not done a correct Scan Setup for Chanel's

  woodchip 11:44 02 Jan 2009

You can buy a Digital that will only have a tuner that gets the main five channel's. In that case you would need a extra Freeview bopx

  Stuartli 13:28 02 Jan 2009

>>You can buy a Digital that will only have a tuner that gets the main five channel's.>>

Why would you buy a digital TV that only had an analogue tuner?

An integrated set has both analogue and Freeview tuners - the Panasonic integrated Freesat models have all three tuners..:-)

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