Vista/Toshiba labtop/wifi configuration.

  [email protected] 08:31 27 Aug 2007

Anybody? click here
Thinking about it this morning in the shower, like you do, I think the wifi access utility will only handle one set of rules - so - because I input MY wep key the "Connect" button remains greyed out when her laptop "sees" her wifi network.
The problem is how to access the utility to reset it to her network key?
All advice welcome as usual and thanks in advance.

  tullie 08:33 27 Aug 2007

Give us a clue what your talking about

  tullie 08:35 27 Aug 2007

Oops,just saw the link lol

  [email protected] 09:28 27 Aug 2007

Yeah, sorry tullie. Maybe I should have moved the whole thread over :-( - would have made it a bit clearer.
Just to prevent any more confusion, here's the post from the Networking Forum, which I have closed so as not to have duplicate threads running. Probably the wrong forum but I have noticed the trend to post Network problems here in Helproom...:
Quote... I am not familiar with Vista or laptops which already have an integral wifi capability, so be gentle ;-)
My friend couldn't work out how to connect her new laptop via wifi to her modem so she brought it to me to see if I could connect it to mine.
I booted it up - clicked Start - studied the new layout for a bit then clicked Connect To.
Not too sure what exactly happened after that but the laptop recognised my wifi setup and told me it's name and that it was security protected (which it is).
From there it was relatively easy to input my WEP key and then connect to the internet - easy I thought.
This afternoon I returned the laptop expecting to be no more than a couple of minutes doing the same thin. Wrong.
I booted it up - clicked Start then Connect To.
The laptop "saw" her wifi network, gave the name and the fact that it was security protected - BUT - from there on I was not able to find out how to input her own security key, provided by the ISP, in the laptop configuration; I just couldn't find the same boxes which allowed me to configure her laptop for the network.
Any advice would be welcome on how to configure it please and also, why was it so easy here in my office but not in hers?"""

  [email protected] 13:27 27 Aug 2007


  [email protected] 19:41 28 Aug 2007

Nobody out there with a Vista - WiFi ready - Toshiba laptop, can tell me how to get into the wifi utility configuration?

  [email protected] 09:48 29 Aug 2007

It's hard to imagine this is a unique problem!
I keep reading about people with laptops roaming housing estates and pinching bandwidth - someone must know what I am talking about?
OK - Redefine the question:
On a Toshiba laptop, Vista equipped and WiFi ready, where is the WiFi utility?
Is it:
(a) Part of the Vista operating system.
(b) 3rd party and installed by the supplier.
(c) Both of these.
(d) None of the above.
There were no shortcuts to it, nor reference to it in Program files so just where do you look.
I don't have Vista in front of me any more, until next week when I will try to help this person again.
The problem is this:
The laptop sees and recognises her network. She cannot connect to it because the "Connect" button is greyed out!
I suspect this is because I had the laptop here and connected it to my network and used my WEP key. I don't know how to reset the WEP key to hers.
I realise this is a NetWork Forum question but it is also a MS Vista question and I don't want to run the post in both.
(I actually moved it from there because I got no response.....)

  [email protected] 08:49 30 Aug 2007

"Calling all WiFi ready, Vista installed Toshiba Sat laptop owners. Come in please"....

  [email protected] 11:56 01 Sep 2007

^^^Bump - for the last time^^^

  [email protected] 16:46 03 Sep 2007

Obviously - non or they are all on holiday!
I suppose it had to happen one day - a problem which no-one can answer or even offer some steerage. No matter, I am due to tackle the problem again Wednesday and should sort it given time and being a nice sort of guy, I will post how I got around it ;-)

  setecio 16:58 03 Sep 2007

I would guess that it is because of the setup in her wifi router .... MAC filtering or not broadcasting the SSID may cause this ... log into her wifi router and see what the settings are ...

However the connect may also be greyed out until you enter the WEP key. Your networks vrs hers should not cause a problem as it should see them as different networks.

Also check if it works via ethernet wired connection.

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