Vista's own defragmenter... has it changed ?

  mooly 12:25 30 Jul 2009

Strange question I know.
I run Vista's defragmenter from a command prompt using defrag c: -v -w to defragment all file sizes.
I am sure whenever I used to do this (over the last couple of years) it took around 30 minutes or more to complete for the C partition of 53gb.
Only do this every couple of months at most and the last time I thought it was "quick" and today it's finished in 8 minutes, complete with the report to show ZERO files and folders fragmented.
Anyone else run this from a command prompt and noticed anything different.

  tullie 12:54 30 Jul 2009

Never tried the way you do,i just click on Disk Defragmenter in Accessories/System Tools

  mooly 13:03 30 Jul 2009

Well I have Vista's defragger set not to run automatically (plays havoc with incremental backups) and prefer running it from a command prompt. You just get no info at all from within Windows.
If you enter,
defrag c: -a -v
it will give a detailed report, after a couple of minutes... so you can see what state the disc is in.
Sure I've seen somewhere that running it from within Windows (as opposed to running the command prompt) only defrags files over 64mb in size.

  sunnystaines 13:56 30 Jul 2009

i have disabled vista defrag and use

click here

  Stuartli 14:09 30 Jul 2009

I find Auslogics Disk Defrag both efficient and speedy. See:

click here

for very latest version (two days ago).

  sunshine65 15:12 30 Jul 2009

Can I use this alongside Vista defrag ? if not can you tell me how to disable Vista. Thanks

  maghemite 17:38 30 Jul 2009

When I had Vista, I disabled the in-built scheduled defrags and used Diskeeper 2008/2009 (not free) instead. It was automatic as well as much faster and more thorough.

  mooly 17:48 30 Jul 2009

If you open defragmenter.exe (type defragment into Vista's search box) and then set it NOT to run on a schedule.

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