vista's default games folder and 'windows features' hanging

  theDarkness 11:42 01 Apr 2013

I have noticed that the default games folder keeps hanging for a few seconds. There is one game (non windows) that has a multiple copy in there. Im not sure if that could be related. I can hide any one of them, but that doesnt stop the folder from freezing.

I have tried to remove and then add the games folder through 'windows features' in the control panel, but I have noticed that it takes a very long time in listing and configuring its content. Any idea on the cause? Other than that, the system is working fine (I am not playing games). Thanks.

  theDarkness 13:15 01 Apr 2013

Windows Features shows on the left hand side of the control panel in vista, and took around 20 mins to update after I disabled windows games from the list. It doesnt fix the hanging after a restart. The games folder still shows with manually installed games only now present, and clicking on the folder is still causing it to hang. One game showing two icons is still present-tbh id like to know how to clear this folder entirely (without using the 'hide' option) without uninstalling anything. I will try re-enabling windows games, but I cant see it making a difference. Thanks anyway :)

  theDarkness 15:45 01 Apr 2013

update-I fixed my games explorer from hanging by simply removing the latest intel gfx driver. theres a guide here for the same issue in windows 7, it links to a possible microsoft fix.

There doesnt seem to be much I can do to speed up windows features from taking so long in listing its content, aside from turning off unneeded content and getting a faster hdd.

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