vista and xp op systems

  oxparks 20:49 10 Jan 2009

Is there anyone logged in who can answer a simple question?

I have just been offered a deal on a Toshiba 13" which has Vista Business op syst...the guy in the shop would also load XP Pro as well..will two op systems clog up the works and slow the whole thing down?

(its a Tosh U400 12Y with 2GB Ram and Intel Core Duo 1.86Ghz and 120GB hard drive....incidently Ebuyer list the same model but say it only as 1GB!!)

thanks to anyone out there who can help

  MAJ 20:53 10 Jan 2009

The two operating systems wont be working at the same time, all the second OS will do, while it is not in use, is use some of your hard drive space.

  GaT7 20:58 10 Jan 2009

I may be wrong, but I don't think you can have 2 OSes loaded on a laptop that essentially comes with only ONE license.

Hence, the guy in the shop is most probably going to load XP at the expense of Vista.

You can dual-boot Vista & XP if you ever want/need to go down that road. But you'll need to purchase a separate license to do this.

Btw, can you provide a link to the exact one you're going to purchase? G

  oxparks 21:07 10 Jan 2009

Thanks to MAJ and Crossbow7 for quick responses!

In reply to MAJ, is the fact it is using ' some' hard drive space a problem?

Re Crossbow, just to clarify, when you say 'at the expense of Vista' what do you mean?

Sorry can't supply link as its a shop I stumbled across.

  MAJ 21:10 10 Jan 2009

"In reply to MAJ, is the fact it is using ' some' hard drive space a problem?"

Not in itself, oxparks, it wont have a detrimental effect on the way the system will work, it just means you'll have less space for your files.

  GaT7 21:12 10 Jan 2009

'at the expense of Vista' what do you mean?' - if XP is loaded, that's the OS you'll have at your disposable.

What price are you paying please? G

  brundle 21:16 10 Jan 2009

Bear in mind Vista's restore points will be corrupted/deleted by XP unless you make some changes; click here

  oxparks 21:28 10 Jan 2009

Hi Crossbow..price offered is £510, instead of £575. Yes I see what you mean now re at the price of...thanks!

Hello Brundle..not sure I understand 'restore points' etc? ta

Can anyone make any sense of why the Ebuyer model(12Y) is quoted as 1GB and this shop 2GB(they havn't increased the spec in shop to my knowledge..)??

  GaT7 21:42 10 Jan 2009

Certain laptops come with a subtle difference in the full model name - this could mean different CPU, amount of memory, graphics etc. That's why I asked for the exact one, or should I say exact model number.

The above also required if we're going to make a direct comparison with these Toshiba U400-12Y models which are ~£440: click here & click here, i.e. EXcluding £75 cashback. So you're looking at ~£365 for either. The full part number is PSU41E-01G004EN. G

  oxparks 21:46 10 Jan 2009

Hi Crossbow ..have just checked what Toshiba say about this laptop. They say:
Genuine Windows® Vista® Business Edition with Genuine Windows® XP Professional Recovery Media on DVD-ROM-does that clarify things to you?

They list price as £ 469.00 (exc VAT)

However regarding RAM: standard 1,024 MB
maximum expandability : 2,048 MB

how does it work in terms of cost to expand to 2GB or 3GB?

  GaT7 22:01 10 Jan 2009

"how does it work in terms of cost to expand to 2GB or 3GB?"

Very little, but I think max on this laptop is 2Gb (see Crucial's info click here) - or 1Gb max per slot.

And there appears to be only ONE model / part number click here - PSU41E-01G004EN. The shop may be trying to 'con' people into thinking they're getting something better/much better. They're charging a £145 premium for 1GB extra RAM, which in reality costs £7-10 more. Can't be true, right?! G

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