Vista to XP install problems

  simmo07 18:03 26 Dec 2007

I formatted Vista home to install XP Pro, but when XP is loading the setup (stage1) from the disk i get a BSOD error saying windows has to be shut down. i think because of hard disk errors. is it possible to run chkdsk somehow when i currently have no OS installed, only the vista and XP cd?

How should i go about removing vista and putting xp on?


  simmo07 18:07 26 Dec 2007

...also note i can install vista still (no errors) only xp setup seems to error. and the xp disk does work i have tried it on another pc just lately. I think it has something to do with disk errors (vista always seems to get them even when removed). now formatted, XP wont setup.

  simmo07 18:47 26 Dec 2007

chkdsk reports no errors, my BSOD error (xp disk only) shows a STOP warning. im at a loss, vista is only good if you have tons of memory, i have 512DDR and thats not enough, too many processes and stuff running what you dont need. bring back the simple life of XP.

no helpers? i know its christmas but someone here must know how to go from vista to good 'ol XP!


  simmo07 20:45 26 Dec 2007

doesnt matter, leaving vista on now after re-install of it.

would still like to know how to do it before resolve this cheers

  simmo07 12:00 03 Jan 2008

Dell users wishing to upgrade (yes upgrade not downgrade!) from vista to xp should try this. I have been frustrated with vista, its horrible to the eyes, they over complicated everything, and it eats your system, if you try to install XP like me you might even get the BSOD error stopping you. The solution?

Restart your pc and Press F2 to go into the BIOS.
Locate Drives on the left, and find Drive Operations. I think its the RAID option (bottom of list on mine) and the option will br on On or Yes (SATA option). Turn this to the other option (should only be one more option) which is automatic. Restart again with XP disk in and boot to CD (F12 for boot options). Your PC should now read the XP CD!

  Ganymede 12:13 03 Jan 2008


Vista is resource hungry. RAM is very cheap now and even with XP it would benefit from having 1GB. Suggest upgrading your RAM before re-considering tackling the onerous removal of Vista.

The easiest way is to completely format the Hard drive (FAT32) before you switch off and then restart after ensuring the computer first boots to CD/DVD.

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