Vista to XP - Advice needed

  Bob Bob™ 17:06 16 Feb 2009

I have duplicated this thread here in hope that any extra traffic in the help room can get some replies faster. Hope thats ok.

Heres my dilema:
Well my Dad got some new computers last year (Dell Vostro 420 Quad Core, 4GB) and everything is running (oddly for Vista) rather smoothly.

Only problem hes had is slow first time network server access.

Anyway, he has been looking out for a certain program to some important task in the office and the maker has come out and said "We do not support Vista Home Premium so you must get Vista Business or XP"

Im a huge fan of XP myself, Im an audio engineer and it just wins hands down but my Dad is an accountant, so the situation is rather different.

From what I understand about Vista upgrades are

Home Premium to Business requires full reinstall, no in place install offered. Am I right?

If thats the case XP seems an attractive option since it would require the same process.

My Dads old machines are also Dells and we still have the XP CD from them so it should be a simple (free) case of using their product keys?

With Windows 7 popping up is it really worth spending money on Vista?

And the main question

How in the name of all thats holy can an application not run on Home Premium but run on Business?

This decision has alot riding on it, computer downtime, possible future problems so Id really appreciate some opinions on what should be done.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:21 16 Feb 2009

"My Dads old machines are also Dells and we still have the XP CD from them so it should be a simple (free) case of using their product keys?"

Thats the route I would take.

  bremner 17:34 16 Feb 2009

What is the program that requires Business?

  skeletal 17:43 16 Feb 2009

And what is the program that will run on XP, but not on Vista home, but on Premium?

Given my long history of not getting Vista to work, it would be obviously XP for me, but I am very biased!


  woodchip 17:46 16 Feb 2009

First you need to Collect all the Drivers from the PC Site for the Computer to Run on XP. You also need a Full XP CD and Key.

Next you need to clear the Partitions on the Computer. Or another way would be just to fit a new Drive and leave the Vista as Is just in Case things do not work out.

A new Drive is Cheap to buy

The XP OS will cost a lot more than the new drive

  Woolwell 18:10 16 Feb 2009

I don't understand why a program will run under Vista Business and not Vista Home Premium. It sounds like the manufacturer is shooting a line.

  Bob Bob™ 19:15 16 Feb 2009

Well today my father called the company and they are getting their technicians to call him to see what their reasoning is. Ill let you know straight away!

Im not too sure of the name of the program so I cant say right now.

I have checked the Dell site and it seems all the drivers are there for the Vostro 420 to run on XP.

Im just downright confused at the moment.

I like the idea of having a small drive for XP, sticking that in an extra HDD slot on the desktop and sorting the boot orders as I need. All the data is on the server so the only space I need is XP + various applications. 20GB or 40GB XP drives should be enough.

  Bob Bob™ 12:51 18 Feb 2009

Well, after some discussion its been decided to partitition one of the three Vostros with an XP partition and run XP on it for a while as a test.

So, using the old Dell Optiplex product keys and their XP Professional CD's should work a treat?


  Bob Bob™ 12:53 18 Feb 2009

Oh, I forgot to mention that constantly slow network speeds are also a part of the reasoning of going back to XP, at least as a test for one computer.

  Woolwell 16:05 18 Feb 2009

Interesting. I am not sure that the network speeds are down to OS. At home I have one Vista and at least one XP system connected and I cannot detect a difference in connection speeds. I would look at anti-virus, firewall and drivers first.

Still puzzled about this program which apparently runs on Vista Business but not Home Premium.

  DieSse 16:11 18 Feb 2009

"So, using the old Dell Optiplex product keys and their XP Professional CD's should work a treat?"

It may well do - but the licence you agreed to with the old XP systems says you can't do that. XP OEM versions should not be transferred to another system.

You might approach Dell to ask for a "downgrade" for the new systems, which I believe may be low cost from them - it may depend on the particular systems though.

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