Vista to XP.

  Miros 08:19 03 Dec 2007

A friend of mine is having problems with his first ever PC a new laptop which has Vista installed. He for various reasons is not happy with Vista, I will not go into the lengthy details and reasons here. I'm not happy with it as I have for the past few weeks have tried to help him out. It's so slow it's like watching paint dry, that I wouldn't mind if we made progress but we don't.

My question having read this click here is if I used MY recovery XP pro CD and then followed the instructions as given up to the phone registration option instead of online registration, would it be acceptable to Microsoft as it states in the above article? in order to downgrade to XP ( back-grade may be a better expression)

I might add we are old class mates who are now in our 'dotage' and both being pensioners we have to watch the pennies, or as my old boss would say watch the pounds letting the pennies take care of themselves.

Any help or advice would be welcome.

  xania 08:54 03 Dec 2007

First point is that, unless you have exactly the same model laptop, your recovery disk will not work on his machine, or if it does, it wil be a very poor installation. I suspect that the obvios licence problems will be overcome, but this should only be a short-term solution and you should get the laptop suppliers to provide (for a fee) an XP Pro recovery CD.

  Miros 09:07 03 Dec 2007

Yes I guess your right, it's after some further thought about it that I had come to the same conclusion.

Though we both have Acer PCs his is a laptop mine is a desktop. He bought his from Tesco, I suppose he could make approaches to them to see if they will supply him with an XP pro CD!

  birdface 10:50 03 Dec 2007

If under 1 year old it has still got its warranty.Take it back to Tesco.Tell them it has not worked right since he got it.And will they exchange it.It may be better to go to Tesco's and tell them your problem,And ask if they will exchange or repair it.

  woodchip 10:59 03 Dec 2007

He needs all the XP drivers first from Laptop Maker, Then He needs a Full XP CD or a New OEM one. Your CD's are no good for is computer

  Miros 11:52 03 Dec 2007

Can't say that it's not worked properly! Problem is he got an ISP, Phone, and heating in a bundled lot.
The ISP is via dial-up it has worked in spasms. Last Sat I spent several hours there as Windows couldn't find the modem. The guy that sold the package looked up the error number and said it was a problem caused by a Vista memory 'blip'.
On advice we disconnected everything, turned of PC, rested it. re connected, reinstalled modem driver still same problem.

I kid you not it's so slow going through all this, you feel like putting the boot in. Woodchip you will appreciate this I have a spare Windows 98 PC hadn't been used for twelve months, I started it up last week, installed a spare modem and it was away. The spec's are way below my mates laptop, but it's like greased lightning by comparison.

My main PC is using XP Pro and connects to the Internet by a Netgear router, and is absolutely trouble free. I can't use the Netgear for my old W 98, but that's a problem for another day though.

Dial up for me is old hat now and I think he, my mate, should invest in a wireless router, then he could at least narrow down the problem, is it the modem the ISP or the PC. Personally I think it' between the ISP and the modem.

I have told him to bring it here then we could use my modem and or the router, and at least get connected to the Internet for advice on my machine, at the moment everything is done via the phone which is a pain. But he said today he will phone the package seller and see what he says.

  Miros 11:56 03 Dec 2007

PS. I am very unimpressed with Vista. Going out for a few hours so if there is any respons postings will be a while before I respond.

  xania 13:47 03 Dec 2007

You are one of a growing band of the disenchanted. Frankly, I never even bothered trying it, but the writing has been on the wall for a little while now and many laptop & PC providers now provide (optionally) XP rather than Vista.

  xania 13:50 03 Dec 2007

You are one of a growing band of the disenchanted. Frankly, I never even bothered trying it, but the writing has been on the wall for a little while now and many laptop & PC providers now provide (optionally) XP rather than Vista.

  Miros 15:03 03 Dec 2007

I'm back again! Yes your right so much so I have be toying with the idea of going down the Linux road and using my old windows 98 machine to test it out as It's mostly lying there unused.

There is already talk of a follow up to vista
(Longhorn) that's long before they have ironed out the problems with vista. I'll definitely stick with XP for the time being and if I live long enough and XP becomes unsupported, hopefully have Linux sorted and running if I think it's OK.

Basically W98 and XP just do the same thing for me anyway, XP is faster but my XP machine has bigger specs anyway than the old W98 so you might expect that. Vista it would seem would slow things down what's the point of that?

If I can get Linux up and running I may suggest it to my mate with snail pace vista laptop.

  xania 08:52 04 Dec 2007

Good luck to you. Haven't bothered with Linux myself - quite happy to plod along with slightly older OS's and let other debug them for me!

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