Is vista worth it? & clearing laptop?

  Egg McKane 20:24 07 Apr 2008

I hav'nt been on here for a while & everything seems to have changed.

1st off, im thinking of buying a new laptop, an Acer Aspire 7720G (ebuyer quick code 139033) BUT..... Its running Vista & up till now i hav'nt bothered really looking into it, the things i have seen about Vista is it gets slated more than prased!

2ndly, the laptop i have now is an Acer Travelmate 252 which if or when i get a new one then this will have a new home with my niece for doing her college work but for a complete reset & clearout of the system is it best to try & delete everything off it or just put the recovery disc in & wipe it that way?

Thanks all

  Ditch999 20:32 07 Apr 2008

Some like it, some dont. I dont. Give me XP (in the meantime) and I'm happy but good ol Bill Gates has just made it very hard to get anything but Vista.

Recovery Disc - best option.

  Egg McKane 20:43 07 Apr 2008

Yeah i like XP but its hard to find a laptop i like that doesnt come with Vista, i've looked on the Vista help page & it definatly looks hit & miss, Ohh well do i, dont i? Hmm!!!!


  [email protected] 20:51 07 Apr 2008

windows 7 next year maybe according to
click here
os is seperate at
click here

  MAT ALAN 20:53 07 Apr 2008

click here

all laptops XP Pro...

  anskyber 21:40 07 Apr 2008

Vista is great, don't be put off. XP was treated in the same way when it came out.
Google XP sucks and you will see what I mean yet as we all know XP is fine.

  Migwell 09:29 08 Apr 2008

Every one I know who has or had Vista has either taken it out and and replaced it with XP or wish they could.

The main reason is that compared to the computers running running XP the Vista setup was slowing down their computers to a point that made them a pain to operate. That was with quite high spec computers, in the region of AMD 2.8 and 1 Gig memory.

I have therefor decided NOT to waste my money on Vista, until I have at least Dual core and 2 Gig of fast memory.

  anskyber 09:38 08 Apr 2008

1 Gig of memory is standard these days and by no means "high spec"

I agree 2 Gigs is needed for Premium Vista editions for fast performance but even the sub £400 Dells are coming with that sort of memory, it's so cheap compared with a few years ago. I can get 2 Gigs of RAM from a very well respected manufacturer for £28.

  birdface 10:23 08 Apr 2008

From PCA Home here .

  Ditch999 11:03 08 Apr 2008

Windows 7 next year - that should be fun! Not much point going for Vista unless you like wasting money then.

  BBW 11:54 08 Apr 2008

I purchased an ACER recently an disliked Vista. I tried to replace it with XP, but found XP does not recognise SATA drives. The hastle of getting drivers to operate the ACER laptop in XP was too much bother. So I now have laptop which is stuck on VISTA. There are some nice things about VISTA and I am getting used to it, especially the way one can get 'older' software to operate in a 'Compatible' mode, it really works.
By the way, ACER do supply laptops with XP on them!

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