Vista - wordpad shortcut

  swapper 07:55 29 Sep 2009

Vista Home Premium.
My daughter in law has dragged Wordpad from Accessories to the Desktop which works fine, it has the arrow indicating that it is a shortcut.
Now, wordpad is no longer in accessories. how can she return it to this folder please?

  zklampkin 08:44 29 Sep 2009

Copy the shortcut to this location: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories"
Then you'll see it again in the Start menu.

  crosstrainer 08:46 29 Sep 2009

Bit of a puzzle this one. If she had dragged the exe. file to the desktop then, that would make sense.

Check for sure that the arrow is present, then post back...Confused with this one (I like being confused)


  crosstrainer 08:57 29 Sep 2009

Is correct, but you could end up with duplicate exe files which will muck up the registry a bit.

  Eric10 10:13 29 Sep 2009

This is something that has been with us over several incarnations of Windows.
If you drag a shortcut from the Start Menu to the Desktop then it is MOVED but if you drag a shortcut from the Desktop to the Start Menu then it is COPIED. It seems illogical and maybe even Microsoft don't why it should be so.
To get the icon back to the Start Menu just drag it over the Start Button and wait for the menu to open. Drag up the menu until the required folder opens then drop the icon where you want it. This will leave the icon on the desktop as well as putting it back on the Start Menu.
Of course if you drag using the right mouse button then you get a choice of "Move, Copy, Create Shortcut" when you release the button.

  swapper 22:02 29 Sep 2009

thank you for your response,
the arrow is on the desktop icon for wordpad.
I dragged the icon to the start menue and then put the desktop icon in the refuse bin.
on trying to start her wordpad from the start menue, she was told it cannont be found, this happened until we restored the wordpad icon to the desktop from the refuse bin, this tells me that although the desktop icon has an arrow as for a shortcut, it is the .exe for wordpad?
this leaves us in a bit of a quandry! how can I get it back into accessories for her?

  crosstrainer 08:19 30 Sep 2009

I think that the exe. file was moved. You have done the right thing, but download install and update:

click here

Run the claener and post back.

  swapper 17:57 30 Sep 2009

thank you, she already has ccleaner, she did as you suggested and got a result. wordpad is now back where it should be.

thanks again.

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