Vista won't re-install!

  gruffass 18:00 09 Dec 2008

My son has a Inspiron 1520. Vista Home Premium 32bit. He was uninstalling a game when half way through it told him that windows was shutting down to protect files. Since then we've not been able to get it to boot up. tried the repair option and we get a blue screen with an error message:
STOP: 0x0000C1F5

Also tried safe modes and re-booting from the vista cd but no joy.

Any help appreciated


  ventanas 21:27 09 Dec 2008

There was another thread recently with this same error, which appears to be quite a complicated issue.
click here
May be something here.

  ventanas 21:29 09 Dec 2008

Does this help?
click here

  gruffass 14:26 10 Dec 2008

I will give formatting with XP then re-installing Vista a go. See how we get on with that.
Thanks for the links ventanas

  gruffass 15:27 10 Dec 2008

Nope didn't work.
1st time it couldn't find a hard disk.
Did exactly the same second time

  crosstrainer 15:31 10 Dec 2008

Dells normally come with a recovery partiton, but If you are trying to perform a clean install, make sure your BIOS is set to boot from DVD first.

The recovery procedure is also available from the BIOS screen

Usually accessed by tapping th DEL or F2 key as the machine starts.

  gruffass 15:39 10 Dec 2008

Where do I find the recovery partition?
Looked in BIOS couldn't see anything that was recovery.
Changed boot sequence to DVD first. Comes up windows is loading files then I get blue screen again.

  crosstrainer 15:46 10 Dec 2008

Sounds like a corrupt mbr.

If you can't access the fresh install screen, you could try:

click here



click here


  gruffass 15:51 10 Dec 2008

Had a look at the link for vista and it seems I have to boot from the DVD to access the Bootrec.exe. Trouble is i can't boot from DVD. I've tried that. it just goes to the blue screen error again.

  crosstrainer 15:55 10 Dec 2008

You may need to format the hdd, using a third party utility. A bit drastic, and you will lose drivers, data etc.

It should do the trick though, but you will need to make a copy of it to use in the Dell:

click here

  gruffass 16:05 10 Dec 2008

Do i just burn the downloaded file to a cd?
then put it in the Dell and hope it boots?
Not sure what to do here

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