vista wont boot partition corrupt vista cant fix

  timerep 12:43 21 Aug 2009

Hi really in trouble here, vista went down after installation of windows 7 on another drive mbr got damaged by mistake now drive cant be seen and cant access. all documents lost what can I do to get them or the drive to run again, is there anything I can download that will save the day...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:20 21 Aug 2009

Have same problem with a mates laptop, have removed drive and connect to my own PC and am running chkdsk /r/v on the c: partition.
Windows is gradualy (over 24hrs now) replacig the damaged clsters.

Hopefully yours won't be so bad.

  Poitier 13:56 21 Aug 2009

Is this link any help?
click here

  timerep 14:12 21 Aug 2009

have run the windows disk repair and the problem identifies as error 0X490 corrupt partition, tried the mrb repair but no go any ideas or is it time to panic yet? one clue when you put the windows disk in and it asks for you to select the syestem to repair that box is blank leading me to believe the mbr was gone but fixed that according to windows and still nothing ...feel a panic coming on...

  sonyboy 15:19 21 Aug 2009

Fear not..the tip Poitier has kindly posted and the link should resolve your problem and get your Boot Record repaired.
Quite a few people have fallen foul of corrupt Boot data and it is frightening if you aren't used to sorting it .The Vist Boot record isn't as easy to deal with as the old "Boot Ini" was in XP...But the repair option in the link should get you on track!

  sonyboy 15:31 21 Aug 2009

Sorry timerep..missed the subsequent post where you said you had run the repair option.If you had no success...try running the repair again..It does sometimes work after another run!..If not ..try this here
It covers other options in case the suggested first try didn't work !

  timerep 17:15 21 Aug 2009

hi the link for easy bcd is good but you need windows to boot before you can use it. vista wont do that couls I access the drive using bcd for another drive? once again the repair option in vista for the mbr doesnt work, oh dear...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:26 21 Aug 2009

You need a vista dvd to boot from and follow the neosmart instuctions provide by sonyboy.

If no vista DVD then do as I have done and connect to a windows computer and run chkdsk /r/v as per the neosmart instructions.
(the drive on mine is so badly corrupted its still running after 24hrs but he needs to extract some important data)

  sonyboy 18:31 21 Aug 2009

Hi timerep.....Don't give up Fruitbat rightly says...if the corruption is extensive..then a "chkdsk /r/v " method of fixing may be needed...Don't forget that the "switches" after" chkdsk " should have the correct spacings ..and if it is a badly corrupted can be a long slow job as you can see from Fruitbats' post! Good Luck!

  woodchip 19:18 21 Aug 2009

TestDisk Blue Download on the right not the Green

click here

  timerep 18:57 22 Aug 2009

Thanks woodchip, done that and ran within windows 7 on second drive. the test disk found the drive but said the partition couldnt be recovered, but I was able to lift all my files off safely so its done the job. Panic over many thanks once again for all your help all the best to you all.

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